Message from the Headmaster

Dear Parents,

A Friends' school is a unique, very distinctive community in which you are a valued, most welcome member. The simplicity, integrity, honesty, and openness, which are cherished by Friends here at Westfield, is a vital part of our school and an important, inherent part of your child's education with us. It is the Meeting's, the School Committee's, and our faculty's strong concern to join with you in guiding your child in becoming a competent, capable, sensitive human being, who has achieved their fullest academic and social potential while in our care.

Within the structure of our school, parents are an appreciated, integral part of our success. Your concerns, interest, enthusiasm, and suggestions are encouraged in all our undertakings. On a formal level, our Parents' Council is an effective, responsive organization guided by truly dedicated parents, who are eager for your involvement.

On a less formal daily basis, all our parents are welcome to contact any of our staff upon any of their concerns. All of us can gather strength and understanding in an open atmosphere of friendliness and communication. This feeling of cohesion has a direct influence on our combined efforts to provide the best possible environment in which your child can develop.


William C. Probsting