Portrait of Our Community

Westfield Friends School (WFS) has many traditions that make it a particularly special school for our students. One of the many unique WFS aspects that all pupils and parents praise, is the rich interaction that occurs between different grades in our community. Grades work together on multiple occasions, be it as Journal Buddies (kindergarten and seventh grade), or as Science Partners (fifth and third grade). Once a month on Quaker Friday, the whole school groups into teams with a representative from each year. Those teams then enjoy memorable opportunities to work and learn together whether it is for pumpkin carving in autumn, decorating the school with home made materials at holiday time, or school spring cleaning in May.

At WFS, we have a strong focus on building the confidence of every student through participation in drama and live musical performance. From kindergarten onwards, every student participates both in a grade-level play and multiple end-of-term concerts, which are all of an exceptionally high standard. The children are all involved in selecting content, providing input to their shows and enjoying the feeling of accomplishment that comes from these events. This focus on drama is supported by visits from various leading arts groups within the region, including The Walnut Street Theatre group, and the Pennsylvanian Ballet.

Students in our school also are encouraged to develop strong social values from an early age. Every grade engages in service projects, ranging from weekly food collections for those less fortunate than us, to UNICEF collections at Halloween. Additionally, every grade has a responsibility within the school, such as collecting recyclable paper at the end of the school day, or helping to manage the pick-up line after school. Our children take these responsibilities seriously and contribute to the school community with enthusiasm.

Westfield Friends provides students with a truly unique community and a loving and safe environment in which they can develop and expand their hearts and minds and build a lifelong passion for learning. With an experienced and highly dedicated staff, every child has the opportunity to develop to their fullest and move on to high school fully prepared for the challenges ahead of them.