General Terms of Enrollment

Cancellation; Withdrawal
The school's expenses do not decline when a student withdraws, and accordingly we cannot refund tuition under any circumstances, including illness or dismissal. However, if you notify us of the withdrawal by July 1 prior to the school year, you will not be obligated beyond the deposit already received.

Consequences of Non-Payment
If you fail to pay any amount due, we may take any steps we believe appropriate, including withholding report cards, transcripts, or diplomas, dismissal of the student, or taking legal action. You will be responsible for any costs we incur, including administrative costs and reasonable attorney's fees.

Changes of Payment Plans
In individual circumstances, we may require the use of the Single Payment Option (for example, in the case of a parent/guardian who has previously been delinquent) or may modify payment plans.
A fee of $50 per child will be imposed on a modification of payment plans.

To maintain and foster an exceptional learning environment for our students and faculty, we reserve the right to dismiss a student for any reason we believe appropriate. These reasons may include behavior or discipline problems (of a student or a parent/guardian), or our inability to satisfy the student's educational, emotional, or social needs, as we perceive them.

We hold parents responsible for damage caused by a student.