Mission For The School

Several cross school projects are undertaken, led by the facility and supported by the school committee and parent council:

Clothing Drive
Between Halloween and Thanksgiving, the school collects clothing for distribution by six local charitable groups. Distribution of goods is made to Camden and Burlington counties, and also made to Native Americans, and in the rural South. This clothing drive continues throughout the year with the Meeting House porch being the ongoing collection depot.

Campbell Soup Label Campaign
Westfield will be participating again this year (our 24th) in the Campbell Soup Company's Labels for Education Program. In this undertaking, Campbell product labels are accumulated and redeemed for various kinds of school equipment. The number of labels needed is directly proportional to the value of each object desired. We have, in the past, received books, sports equipment, and classroom aids for our labels. This year the campaign is a third grade service project.

General Mills "Boxtops for Education"
For this year's promotion, we will be collecting the General Mills "Boxtops of Education" insignia printed on the boxtops of General Mills cereals, yogurts, fruit roll-ups, and other snack products. Parent Council will redeem these for cash.