Extended Day Care: 2:50pm - 5:30pm

The Extended Day Program is designed to be a service to parents who need such care on a regular or occasional basis. The program is overseen by Maryann Hoffman, who is assisted by Steve Holmes. We hope you get to know the staff as well as they get to know you. A few guidelines are necessary for a dependable, efficient program. Please note the following:

  1. The program operates from the close of school at 2:50 until 5:30.
  2. A penalty fee of $10.00 per child is automatically imposed for late pick-ups.
  3. The Extended Day direct telephone number is (856) 829-0263. Parents are encouraged to communicate specific needs or instructions about their children to the Extended Day staff. Restrictions due to illness, a need to do homework, a place to change clothes for dance class, etc., all may be explained to our staff when you see them or directed by a note or telephone call.
  4. Parents of children under fifth grade must initial the roll sheet when picking up students at the after school program. Older children (sixth grade and above) may sign themselves out. Relatives, friends or other designated adults picking up students must be registered in writing with the Extended Day staff.
  5. The Extended Day Program for pre-kindergarten through second-grade students will be situated in the pre-kindergarten building. Third through eighth grades will report to the lunchroom for extended day. After 3:15 each day all students attending this after school program can be picked up at the pre-kindergarten building.
  6. Charges for extended day are $3.00 flat rate for morning and $5.00 per hour (one hour minimum) for the afternoon. Bills for Extended Day use are sent out on a monthly basis. Your prompt payment of fees is greatly appreciated. Questions concerning charges should be made to Linda Ochs in the school office (856-829-0895 x 10).