Student Guidelines

The following guidelines are, as the name implies, a guide or simple set of rules to assist students and their parents to more fully understand the school.

Students are expected to deport themselves with decorum and respect to all members of the school community. Inappropriate language, untoward remarks, derogatory comments, or any demeaning behavior directed at another is considered unacceptable. In the nonviolent environment of a Friends school, any act of aggression or anger directed toward another is not acceptable as well.

Dress Code
The school day is an active, busy, very intense experience. Students need to be dressed practically and comfortably and, as befitting a Friends school, with modesty and simplicity. Current fashion trends and styles are considered unnecessary and students and their families should never feel they have to conform to the latest importuning of popular culture. As a rough guideline, clothes should never be "too" anything; i.e., too short, too tight, too revealing, too garish, too long, too baggy, etc. Shoes and other footwear should be comfortable and allow students complete freedom of motion. If you can't run in your footwear, it probably is inappropriate for school wear. The school reserves the right to decide appropriate attire.

This year's guidelines of dress attire includes but is not limited to the following:

  • No clothes with words on the seat.
  • No untoward pictures or writing on shirts.
  • No open-toed or open-back shoes.
  • No wheelies.
  • No healed shoes.
  • No hats or headgear indoors.
  • No gloves indoors.
  • No vibrant hair dye.
  • No extreme hair styles.
  • No bare midriffs.
  • Shirts and shorts should pass the "finger tip" test.
  • No make up or body glitter.
  • "Lasagne" not "spaghetti" straps.
  • No undergarments in view.
  • No body art.
  • No pajamas.
  • No extreme earrings.