Using Technology Creatively ~ by Josh Max

A WFS Faculty Blog post by Josh Max (Middle School Math, OWLs Lab)
Published Thursday, December 16, 2021 


Screens are everywhere these days! Whether we like it or not, our little ones love to use electronics for entertainment. Over the past year some students have gotten their fill of screens while others crave even more. How can we use technology in a constructive or creative way? Lucky for you, I have a few suggestions! 

This is the main website that the lower school is using for their 3D design projects. Tinkercad is a safe and user-friendly website that allows students to design in three dimensions. Either through stacking pre-made images or even drawing their own designs, students can view their work in an entirely new dimension! The learning curve is friendly and when students learn advanced techniques, their projects really shine!



The game that took the world by storm! Minecraft is a virtual world where everything, from wood to iron to pigs, is constructed of cubes. These cubes can be “mined” for materials that students can use to create other materials and cubes. Students then use these new materials to build armor, houses, windows, gems or anything else their minds can come up with! As long as it’s made of cubes, it can be made in Minecraft!
One of, if not the best, self directed coding website for younger students. not only has engaging code-based activities that feature characters from Frozen, Ice Age and Star Wars - it also has voices from the current generation of coders. In the easy-to-follow lessons, students learn the basics of coding by making characters dance on their screen. This leads all the way up to being able to write a working web page script! The lessons taught on can be applied to almost any coding program and is always up to date with the latest technology available. 

Pixton is the site for all of the future comic book writers. Pixton helps by taking care of the boxes and speech bubbles and allows users to design, pose and write for characters. The site is easy to pick up and use and has an autosave feature, so students can always quickly return to their projects if they need to take a break for dinner. The site’s free to use, but does offer some extra costumes and locations behind their paywall. 

Technology isn’t just video games and TikTok, it can also be a tool for students to unleash their creativity!