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Hello Preschool Families, 
This week we focused on a color in the rainbow each day. We sang songs about it as well that went "red, orange, yellow and green.  Blue, indigo and violet are seen." And then we colored with one color and identifyed objects that were that color! This is a great game to play while driving or at the grocery story so they can practice identifying these objects and the color in different settings. 
We explored the letters that start each friends name and the sound that letter makes.  We will be spending more time on this as the school year continues. We start circle time each day with our "ABC March song," we sing it four times, each time a little differently.  The first gently in a circle, the next while stomping all around for each letter, the third time we dance while we sing and the last we twirl and "float" while we sing it. 
The students really have enjoyed exploring the corn that has been in the sensory table each morning.  There are cubs and spoons and measuring items to help them use it and explore in different ways.  It is messy fun! 
Report cards were sent home with all the students that were in school today and the remaining will get sent home next week. We will be keeping you as updated and supported as possible during this time of figuring out closings.  Please feel free to email me with any questions specific to our classroom or support in that way.  Any bigger questions about closings and procedures you can reach out to our Head of School, Margaret Haviland.  
Have a great weekend, stay safe and healthy! 
Hello Preschool Families, 
This week we explored the world of rain and rainbows.  We sang and practiced "rain rain go away, come again another day.  ____ wants to play, rain, rain go away" inserting in different friends names.  We discussed that rain comes from the clouds and the earth needs that water.  Ask you child who needs the water, trees, grass, flowers, people, etc. 
We looked for where rain had collected outside after some rain storms.  We observed that the rain gathered in places like cups, some buckets that were left out and our easel. We did some finger painting to show rain and added some glitter to show the sparkle of the water as and after it falls. We talked about what supplies we use to keep us dry from the rain like rain boos, jacket and an umbrella.
We used the topic of rainbows to do a practice of color identifying and sorting similar to the beginning of the school year.  The students did an excellent job identifying all the colors and correctly sorting colored bears into their matching color cups.  It was exciting to see the growth from the beginning of the year as now this is not a difficult activity. We created rainbows with dot paints, paper plates and tissue paper for the rain.  They will be hanging in our classroom before being sent home. 
The week was beautiful and sunny most of the time so we got to spend some great time exploring and playing together outside.  The students always get excited for adventures outside that include looking for specific things like the rain water, pine cones and acorns.  

Hello Preschool Families,

This short week we focused our attention on food! We discussed the food groups of fruits, vegetables and proteins.  We sang a song about “good food helps our muscles grow, good food, alright!”  We shared some of our favorites in each group and how important eating well is for our body. Ask your child to show you their fruit, veggie and protein flexing.

We enjoyed some outside time and collaborating in the centers.  We practiced hand eye coordination in sorting colors and molding playdough as different foods. Each student colored what they would fill their plate with and the projects are hanging on our wall and are sure to make you smile. 

Friends are collaborating and sharing when they are searching and hiding things outside. Pine cones are a popular item after our recent study of them along with acorns from the beginning of the school year.  Our outside time is an intentional time of the students making connections from inside with colors and shapes, sizes along with social connections being built.

We met with our buddies this week and created cards for a member of our community to show appreciation. The preschool students always enjoy visiting with their third and fourth grade buddies and the middle school students take great pride in caring for their younger friends. 

In regards to birthdays coming up, as a reminder you are welcomed to bring in munchkins or mini pretzels to be given out by the teachers at snack along with a song to help celebrate.  Email me the week before so we can connect on it and I can answer any questions you may have. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

Hello Preschool Families,


I hope you all had a wonderful, long weekend and enjoyed sharing Valentine's day with your loved ones.  We spent our short week continuing the conversation about emotions.


We practiced a song about how we show our feelings and how we can identify them.  We looked for happy, sad and mad faces in books and on toys in our room. Developing this skill of identifying and sharing emotions can help in creating positive relationships with self and those around us. We also sand a song you can ask them to sing for you, “when I’m happy, happy, happy I laugh, laugh laugh.  When I’m angry, angry, angry I stomp my feet.  When I’m sad, sad, sad, I cry, cry, cry.”


We read The Feelings Book by Todd Parr and used play dough to create and express emotions on a person card.  We  especially focused on using the language of “I feel” to express our thoughts and feelings. 


Our dentist friend, Dr. Jennifer, joined us today to remind us of healthy dental habits.  She also provided little dental bags that were sent home as a gift. 



Tomorrow morning 9-11 we have an OPEN HOUSE here at Westfield.  There will be games and activities and teachers to meet and explore the school with, we hope to see you there!


Next week, Friday, February 28 there is an in-service so there is no school for students.

Hello Preschool Families,


The last two weeks were filled exploration of shapes, collaboration, and conversations focused on emotions and love.

We practiced our shapes by making snowmen faces and heart crafts for our valentine celebration.


We explored pine cones and then used them to paint a community art piece.  We dipped the pine cones in special paint to use them to create together! We also used shaving cream as snow to practice some shapes on the tables.

As we prepared for our celebration of valentines we centered our time around love and kindness and feelings. We used our hands to create messy valentine’s day banners to share at home.  We also enjoyed reading The day it rained hearts by Felicia Bond. We practiced the song " I made a valentine for you, the heart shape says "I love you.'  H-E-A-R-T, H-E-A-R-T, H-E-A-R-T, the heart shape says 'I love you'." It is sung to the tune of Bingo was his Name-o. 


We also spent some time on a secret Valentine’s day card for you all that have been sent home today for you to enjoy! This time of creation and collaboration strengthens social and emotional skills as preschool learns about empathy and respect.


The conversation about feelings has begun as we learned a song about emotions like anger, happiness and sadness.  We discussed some things that make us happy and preschool shared that cupcakes, ice cream, mushrooms, daddy, my room, grandparents, family and friends at school were some things that made them happy.

We shared in some special activities today to celebrate Valentine’s day together. Dipping strawberries in chocolate, rolling out clay hearts for an organization that supports grieving families and cupcakes! Everyone had a fun day together sharing kindness and love.


We do not have school Monday and Tuesday so I hope you all have a healthy, restful long weekend and we look forward to seeing you next week!



Hello Preschool Families,


This cold week was filled with new explorations inside and extra time in our centers.  We practiced our color sorting and counting, used our vet center to help our “buddies”, and are becoming experts in rolling and molding playdough. We also did some moving and grooving to some music to shake the sillies out when we couldn’t get outside, we are group or music makers and dancers!


We finished our hibernation discussion and project by adding “dot paint” to show the snow of cold weather to our work with bear.  We spent some time focused on winter and how the cold weather changes things, like water! We explored water, how it sounds, what it looks like and how it feels in its liquid state.  We poured it into ice trays and sent it to the freezer over night to explore the next day.  The students made guesses on what happened and shared in observing and experiencing it when it froze and turned to ice.  


We read The Mitten by Jessica Southwick, the main character lost his mitten and all different woodland animals found warmth in it.  We painted our hands red to create our own mittens, sharing “cold hands, warm hearts”.

On the days when its warm enough to go outside we bundle everyone up.  Sometimes friends take off a glove or misplace a hat.  Putting your child’s name in each and every item they bring it school will help us get it back to you if its ever misplaced.  If we do ever find an item that is not labeled and we don’t know who it belongs to, we have a small “lost and found” box in our building.


Looking ahead, our class will celebrate Valentine’s day with an edible activity lead by the teachers. Families are welcomed to send in valentines for each student if desired.  We will make sure they get into each student’s backpack to be enjoyed at home. We have a total of 29 students, 12- 2s and 17- 3s.


NO SCHOOL  2/17 & 2/18


Hello Preschool Families,


Our short week has been filled with wintry activities as we finished our exploration of penguins and began our study of hibernation.


The bag of paint we used to squish and move around on the paper last week dried and penguin shapes were ready for the students to glue on their triangle beaks.  We used chalk to color the white belly and glitter for the eyes. They are now hanging beautifully in our classroom. 


We discussed how some animals sleep during the cold winter months, we focused on bears.  We read Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson.  We then colored our own pages of a sleeping bear in a cave.  We added some chopped up yarn to represent the snow covering the cave.


Ask your child to share our preschool song with you, we have been practicing it for a few weeks as a reminder for good choices on the rug.  “In preschool, in preschool I sit on the carpet.  In preschool, in preschool I sit on the carpet.  I do not move; I do not move.  Watch me sit, watch me sit.  My hands to myself, my hands to myself.”  The students have been doing a great job and sometimes I hear them singing it out at recess and other parts of our day. 


We are practicing independence by staying in our chairs for all of lunch and putting trash and food away in their lunch box when done.  We are also practicing putting our coats on, with support, and waiting patiently for help when needed.   

We enjoyed our center exploration, especially with the dramatic play area.  We got some new dresses that some friends have enjoyed along with the hats and vests available. There have been some great collaboration and conversations happening as the students play and share together.

Hello Preschool Families,


It has been a busy two weeks as we are settling back into our classroom routine after break.  It has been wonderful hearing from you and your children about the special times you had while we were away.  I hope you all enjoyed our concert and got some well-deserved rest and special times with your family. Thank you all so much for your thoughtful and generous gifts and well wishes.


As a class we celebrated the new year by using chalk to create firework drawings on black paper! Each friend chose different colors and techniques to show their fireworks.  We even started learning a new,  new year song where we wiggle our fingers as sparklers to sing it! “Happy new year, happy new year, we love you.  Happy new year and may all your dreams come true!”


Teacher Brandi joined us for our our new yoga classes! The students practiced different stretches and breathing exercises together. We have spent some time with mini lessons on healthy habits during these cold, germy months.  We practiced songs about covering our mouth when we cough or sneeze, the super hero way ( in the elbow).  And getting only one tissue from the tissue box and then throwing it in the trash when we are done.  We make sure students are doing a good and thorough job of washing their hands with soap and water often throughout the day. 


We have also started exploring the word of penguins! We learned a little bit about their body and how they waddle, we even got to waddle around our classroom! We put black paint in a bag with paper to squish and spread and move the paint around to cover the paper.  We will be finishing our paper penguins next week.


In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, they created clouds holding their dreams with their buddies. The dreams were very sweet and sometimes funny to read, they students really enjoyed celebrating with their buddies.


When it is not too cold we still try to get some outside time in each day, even if just for a few minutes.  The gloves and hats sent in help each friend stay comfortable during this time outside exploring with friends. Stay healthy and get all the rest you need on this long weekend!


NO SCHOOL Monday 1/20/20

Hello Preschool Families,


It was wonderful meeting with most of you this week at conferences. Thank you for taking time out of your day to come in so we could spend time sharing about your child. I am so grateful I get to be their teacher and that your families are a part of the community here at Westfield.


We had a busy week as we are getting close to our Holiday break!  We spent some time observing and exploring a Menorah that was brought in.  We used watercolor and white crayon to explore painting and light in a new activity. 

The students also all colored paper light bulbs and we put each letter from their name on them and counted how many letters are in their name. They are hanging behind our Christmas tree.


We read Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett and created our own gingerbread babies using circles in different colors.  The students identified the colors and counted each circle.  Glue and yarn was placed as the “frosting” border.


 We shared a special morning with our middle school buddies on Thursday.  We got to decorate and eat real gingerbread cookies.  We used icing and candies and marshmallow’s together to create beautiful and delicious treats.


The theme and focus of patience and kindness has been very evident in our classroom through these busy times of full schedules and sugary treats.  We are reminding and supporting all the students with what it looks like to be a good friend.  Sharing, being patient while waiting for a turn, respecting others space and using words with friends and teachers to explain their needs.  This time of year especially with all the excitement and change of schedules can throw anyone off.  We hope to see all of our preschoolers handle the flurry of activity well and support you all as well.


Next week will happen quickly; we have practices throughout the week for our Christmas Concert that takes place on Friday at 10:00.  Friday is a half day and I believe it will look very similar to our Thanksgiving Concert.  This is my first year here so forgive me as I am learning things alongside with you all.  The preschoolers will sing a song first on stage and then come back to the classroom.  We will have dismissal at noon for all students not in the vacation day program.  You are welcome to take your child home after the concert or keep them here until after lunch and pick up at noon. 


We will also have our class party on Thursday at lunch time for the students to enjoy and celebrate together.  A few parent volunteers have been working hard to plan this for our students. Please let me know if you have any questions.



Friday 12/20 is a HALF DAY, no hot lunches and pick up is at noon.

Christmas Concert is Friday 12/20 at 10:00 in the Auditorium. 

Holiday Break, no school 12/23-1/6-school starts again on Monday January 6th



Hello Preschool Families,


We have had an exciting week back from Thanksgiving break. I hope you all had time to rest as the busyness of this season has started.  I enjoyed hearing all about what you did with your friends and families in our time apart and some of your child’s favorite foods.


Throughout the three weeks we have together before our holiday break we will be spending time learning and sharing about Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa.  Our focus is light and love, we have been learning about candles this week and how they connect these holidays. We even learned a new song, ask your child to sing you the candle song; “there’s a little candle glowing in the night, helping to give some love and light.”


Real candles were brought in and we discussed the beautiful warmth and light the candle brings.  We can share in that love and light as we share different holidays and traditions together this season.  


This week we talked about Hanukkah and a special guest joined us to share about the joys of this holiday. The students got to explore and spin dreidels and received gelt, a small piece of chocolate wrapped in gold paper.


We continued our learning by reading The Night Before Hanukkah by Natasha Wing.  We talked about and counted the special candles on the Menorah and colored our own pictures of Menorahs.  We will be looking at a real Menorah more next week as we briefly discuss the story and celebration of Hanukkah.


As you have probably noticed we got a real Christmas tree in our classroom.  The students have started decorating paper to create paper chains to decorate our tree as we learn about Christmas. The students got to touch and smell a small branch, some said it smelled like a green bean or a forest. We also have been sharing the responsibility of watering our tree, each child will get a turn to help water.  


Our time outside has been shorter most days but we still try to get out to stretch and get in some movement.  Please be sure to send in your child with a heavy coat, gloves and a hat to make sure they are prepared for this time.  Unstructured outside play time with their peers is a very important part of their growth and development. 



NO SCHOOL  this Monday 12/9 for conferences

PLEASE NOTE: When you meet with me for conferences we will NOT be in the preschool building as it is being used by the vacation day program.  We will be meet in the Meeting House, the brick building to the left of our preschool meeting. I look forward to seeing most of  you then!

Hello Preschool Families,


This week was busy and our schedule was a little different as we prepare for break.  We practiced for our Thanksgiving program that will happen next Tuesday at 10:30 in the Auditorium/Gym.  The preschool students are singing two songs they have been practicing and are very excited to share with you.


 As our head of school, Margaret has described it in the Weekly Wire, “this year our Thanksgiving Concert will be a demonstration of learning in front of you, an authentic audience. Using music focused on giving thanks, the performance is designed to show family and friends what students have been exploring in music class.”


Each day we sing many different songs in the classroom and one we have recently mastered is our “Good Morning” song, ask them to sing it for you.  “Hello neighbor, what do you say? It’s going to be a happy day.  Greet your neighbor, boogie on down.  Give a clap and touch the ground.” 


We also did some baking in preparation of today to share in our “Friendship soup” and corn muffins with homemade butter.  Thank you to all of you that brought in ingredients or materials to help make it a success. The students had a great time adding milk and eggs and mixing it all together to create our corn muffin batter.  We used mason jars with marbles and heavy cream to create our own butter.  The students used some good muscle to help shake it up to make it thick and delicious for our muffins.


 Ask your child if they liked the butter, most did but some did not.  We shared in our “feast” as an appetizer to lunch so some of the students have a lot of their packed lunch coming home.


I hope that your time away during break is meaningful and full of friends and family, good food and rest.   We look forward to hearing all about your time away from school when we join together the week after.



Thanksgiving Concert will happen next Tuesday 11/26 @ 10:30 in the Auditorium/Gym in the Main building.  You are welcome to take your child afterwards as it is also a half day! Dismissal at noon for everyone, unless your child is signed up for the extended day program for that day.   


Thanksgiving Break starts next week, no school Wednesday 11/27 through Friday 11/29, school resumes Monday 12/2.


If you have a special tradition that you and your family enjoy and would like to share, please let me know ASAP so we can include it in the time before Winter Break.

Hello Preschool Families,


This week was filled with all types of varying crafts and activities to help us get a better understanding of what it means to be thankful. We sing many songs in class, which I’m sure you’re hearing some part of at home. We learned a new one that’s very simple that involves some arm motions as well. Ask your child to sing and show their “I am thankful” song.  The lyrics are; “I am thankful, I am thankful, yes I am, yes I am.  For so many people, for so many things, yes I am, yes I am” to the tune of the Frère Jacques lullaby.


We read Thanks for Thanksgiving by Julie Markes and have started making a thankfulness wreath.  Each student tells me something they are thankful for, and the responses have been so sweet. Family, different foods, songs, each different and wonderful, they will be hung up next week when we finish them.


On Thursday we went up to the other part of the school to meet with our middle school buddies.  Together with their buddies, the preschoolers used graham crackers, chocolate chips, icing, pretzels and marshmallows to make a fun turkey snack! They had a great time and really enjoyed working with their third and fourth grade friends. 


Throughout the year we focus on social growth and more specifically using words to express thoughts and feelings.  If they are frustrated when a friend bumps into them, or if they want a turn with a toy or if someone gets hurt and needs to be checked on.  We encourage our students to use words and phrases that support this growth and foster positive and healthy relationships.  “Can I use that when you’re done?  I’m sorry I knocked into you, are you okay?  I need help, can you open this please?”  These are a small sample of what we are encouraging your children to say to support their social growth. 


We also started another color sorting and identifying activity with turkey feathers for next week.  It is not an easy activity, it involves careful attention and listening.  We will continue this next week as we get closer to Thanksgiving.


Have a great weekend and stay warm!  

Hello Preschool Families,


We started this week with a visit from our School’s Counselor, Ms. Laura Jaslow for a mini lesson on “space bubbles”.  We talked about the importance of respecting each others space and being gentle with our bodies.  It was a great reminder of the importance of using hands for helping not pushing, pulling or grabbing.


We officially welcomed Ms. Luz (pronounced "lose") to our classroom as the newest member to our team.  She is a full-time assistant that helps us during the day and through the transition to extended day.  The students are already enjoying getting to know her and sharing their favorite moments and activities with her.  


We started the discussion on what thankfulness means and how important it is to be happy with what and who we have.  The students are preparing a special craft in anticipation of sharing “Friendship Soup” together before break.


If there are any holidays throughout the year that your family celebrates or has a special tradition that you want to share with the class or bring in something for us to experience, please let me know.  We would love to share in special moments and holidays together.


We are focusing on circles and triangles as each student started to create their own scarecrow.  First we used sponges to paint the “face” orange, then used smaller circles for eyes and cheeks.  The nose and hat are triangles.  The students did an excellent job of picking where each shape would go and gluing them on to create the face. We have some more details to add before they are showcased on our walls for all to see.


Playdough was brought out for the first time this week, the students enjoyed making circles, snakes, cakes, and anything else that came to mind.  The ripping and pulling, rolling and pinching are all excellent for muscle and motor skill development.


Leave piles have become even deeper and the students had a blast rolling, kicking and tossing the leaves outside during our exploration. 


We will continue to go outside as the weather chills so please send in hats and gloves with your child.  Along with a thick jacket to keep them warm and able to enjoy their outside exploration time.


Have a wonderful weekend!

Hello Preschool Families,

We were busy as we wrapped up the last week of October. We explored a pumpkin, sharing guesses of what could be inside.  These are some of the guesses that friends shared; potato, leaves, skeleton or one bug.  We cut it open and the students had the chance to reach inside to grab the seeds and fibrous strands.  We collected the seeds and I roasted them at home.  The students had the chance to eat the seeds if they wanted to try them.  The majority enjoyed them, the rest were not fans of the texture. It was an exciting experience to observe the outside, feel the inside and even eat a part we removed from the pumpkin.


We discussed the role of the triangle in making jack-o-lanterns.  Each student was given five black paper triangles to decorate their own jack-o-lanterns that are now hanging in our classroom.  I cut out triangles in our real pumpkin to make a class jack-o-lantern as well.


Dot paints and careful hand-eye coordination were used to paint pumpkin sheets with small circles on them.  The students showed great care while doing this project. 


We ended our short week with a Halloween parade around the building, welcoming our parents to enjoy this special morning.  The students did the “monster mash” and decorated personal pumpkins that went home to share with families.  Our room parents did a wonderful job of making the “Preschool Thumbkin Patch” with each student’s finger print.  We also had a special snack made and distributed, it was a wonderful time and we are thankful for our room parent’s contribution and all the parent’s involvement and support.


Have a great weekend and enjoy some extra rest if you were out late last night with Halloween festivities!

Hello Preschool Families,


This week the class dove more into their roles of scientists as we continued our exploration and play outside.  We noticed that some squirrels take the acorns up to the trees, some even have marks from animals eating them!  A few trees have a space to stand and shout greetings to friends.  The mud kitchen provides a great space for the creation of all kinds of feasts. Friends work together during this unstructured play to create and socialize.

We wrapped up our study of acorns by doing a rolling acorn painting.  We used the acorns that we collected and dipped them in paint and then moved a box back and forth so the paint got on our acorn paper cut out.  The students had a lot of fun doing this activity! I highly recommend it for a fun, not so messy way to paint and use natural items from walks or exploration outside.


We started some activities on our pumpkin theme.  Ask your child if they remember our pumpkin song, it even has hand motions.  “Pumpkin, pumpkin small and round, pumpkin, pumpkin all around. Pumpkin, pumpkin orange and round, pumpkin, on the ground”. We then do the same for “big and round”.


We used halved apples to do some pumpkin printing.  The students dipped the apple into orange paint and decided exactly where to print their “pumpkin”.  This decision-making process is so important for their development, allowing them to choose without any interference.  After that dried,  on another day we did an activity that strengthens fine motor skills by rolling tissue paper to create the “vines”. They then got to choose exactly where their “vines” went on our Preschool Pumpkin Patch,  It is now hanging in the art area and looks wonderful.


On Thursday we made the journey up to our middle school buddies classroom to create spiders from our hand prints! The students did an excellent job of working with their buddies in the new space, they really seemed to enjoy their time together.


It was so nice seeing some of you at the Harvest Festival this past weekend.  Next week, on Thursday October 31st we will have our Halloween Parade, we will leave the classroom AT 8:30.  We will be going up to the auditorium to show off our costumes to the rest of the school that will be gathered there.  We will then head back to our classroom; you are welcomed to join us that morning for the parade.


 The school is celebrating “Soctober” by collecting new socks and change to help the homeless community through the organization, Joy of Socks.  On Wednesday October 30th send your child in to school wearing crazy socks in support!


Friday, November 1st is an in-service day so there is no school for students unless they have been signed up for the Vacation Day Program.  If you have any questions about this, you can contact Janeen Smith.


The students rest mats have been sent home to be washed, we aim to send them home every other week to keep them clean after a few weeks use.


Have a wonderful weekend!

Hello Preschool Families,


This week was a shorter one and we have filled it with a focus on squirrels, colors and collaborating with friends. Our program is play-based so the learning is done intentionally, guided by their interests and time playing and exploring with the teachers and each other.  An article released by the American Academy of Pediatrics explains “Research demonstrates that developmentally appropriate play with parents and peers is a singular opportunity to promote the social-emotional, cognitive, language, and self-regulation skills that build executive function and a pro-social brain.”


We focus on social and emotional growth throughout the year.  A key word throughout preschool is resilience, helping them learn to become independent.  Unpacking, using the toilet or handling frustrating situations with friends in a safe way are only a few areas that we focus on and can already see growth.


We also have themes each month that help guide some of the intentional time of instruction and conversation. During this time we looked at some real pictures of squirrels and identified parts of their body.  We noticed that they have similar and different parts compared to us!  We used our “investigator glasses” to look outside to observe these animals.


We did some strengthening of our hand-eye coordination skills by carefully using the brown dot paints to dot the circles on an activity.  The students did an excellent job of being very careful and attentive in placing their dots.

We also did some color sorting activities, the students identified the colored bears then sorted them into the matching color cup.  We then looked around our classroom and outside to find and identify other colors.  The leaves that have fallen have proven to be a great source of color for us to explore!  We have been practicing the song “Leaves are falling all around, red, yellow, green and brown.” Take a look around to see what other colors of leaves you have around you, at home or wherever you go. If your child finds some leaves they want to share, please bring them in anytime!


Sleep is so important for your child’s success, especially as the days seem shorter and colder.  Get lots of extra rest and have a wonderful weekend!

Hello Preschool Families,


We have enjoyed the Fall weather this week, even getting the chance to walk and splash outside in the rain again.

This week was filled with many fall-themed activities that help us understand the changing world around us.  We completed the Fall Foliage Collage that we started last week and hung it up in our art room.  It is exciting to see completed pieces of art on the walls of our classroom.


We also did some observational painting of apples.  We first looked at and identified the colors found there and then used our dot paint tools to create our painting.  The students did a wonderful job observing and painting. 

We are practicing unpacking and packing our lunch boxes when we get to school and after we are finished eating in the afternoon.  When they finish eating they are supported in their clean up, guided in what to throw away and what to put back in their lunchbox, and then putting their water bottle and lunchbox back in their cubby.   You can support them by allowing them to put their lunchbox in the lower section of their cubby when they arrive at school. 


Enjoy your three day weekend, we do not have school on Monday, October 14th.

Hello Preschool Families,


This week was filled with outdoor exploration, shape monsters and a visit from a fire truck.


We have been working on identifying shapes in many different ways, we have continued in our sorting and drawing and this week we used cut-outs to make “shape monsters”.  Identifying and correctly labeling shapes is a topic on which we will continue to focus.


We finally had a rainy day this week, so we suited up in boots and rain jackets to get outside.  We took on the role of scientists as we explored our familiar spaces outside.  We examined how the ground looked different (shiny) and felt some drops fall on our hands, and felt the water that had collected on various things.  And of course we jumped in many puddles.  It was an exciting time of outside exploration! A large aspect of learning is happening during these times of play, exploration and interaction with their classmates in varying environments.


We enjoyed another week of Spanish, music and a visit with our middle school buddies.  We also had a Cinnaminson fire truck join us for a special visit.  We talked about what it means to “stop, drop and roll” and got a tour of the truck from our firefighter friends. 


It’s hard to believe that a month has already passed since we started school, and we are excited for what each new week will bring.



Our Fall Break starts next *Friday 11th it is a half day.  Dismissal will be at noon from our preschool building’s back door like a normal dismissal.  If you have any questions about extended day you can contact the extended day program director, Janeen Smith. 


*Monday 10/14 no school

Hello Preschool Families,


Week three of school has been a busy one, filled with new activities and new friends.


We said “hola” to Spanish class as we explored and learned new words and phrases with Senora. There was a lot of dancing and singing in music with Ms. Fielding and we got to meet our middle school buddies.  We welcomed the students from third and fourth grade as the preschoolers were paired up and got to show their buddy around the classroom. 


We have been sharing about who can be a friend and what it looks like to be a friend.  We have been practicing “listening ears, give hugs (if wanted) and calm bodies.”  These reminders support us as we practice what showing kindness, gentleness and respect looks like to one another. 


We have also been sharing about our families, looking at pictures and reading books about how each family is special and different.  The students have loved looking at their family picture and sharing who lives at home with them. 


Connections are being made all around the classroom and outside as we recognize shapes and colors in our environment.  We are reading books, sorting and even writing in the sand outside to support this growth and recognition.


It has been an exciting week as we continue to grow as a class community.  It is a pleasure to continue to get to know your children and their individual interests and personalities as they have become more comfortable in the routine of school.    



*Reminder*  Pictures are this Monday starting at 8:30, if your child is not scheduled to attend school that day and you would like them to be photographed, send me an email and I can give you the details. 

Hello Preschool Families,


We have a had an exciting start to our year and will be posting updates here for you to get a peak into our time at school.

We have been getting comfortable with our space, new friends and new routines.  We have been practicing names and exploring the centers and activities in the classroom.  Ask your child if they remember our “hickety, pickety bumble bee” song to help remember friend’s names.

We spent some time familiarizing ourselves with parts of the body, singing “head, shoulders, knees and toes” along with using some of our favorite classroom books to help us identify parts of the body.  The students then colored an outline of themselves based off of this information.

We have been enjoying our outside space as we explore the trees that are slowly changing and notice the acorns on the ground.  Along with outside exploration we have been artists, using sponges for texture painting and adding tissue paper and feathers to create our community collage.   

It has been wonderful experience to start to get to know you and your child.


Welcome to the Preschool Newsletter! This will be updated frequently to give you insight into what our day looks like at school!