Welcome To Music 

As the school year begins, I would like to introduce myself and share our plans for the music program with you. Before coming to Westfield Friends School, I worked with the music programs at The Hun School of Princeton, NJ and Far Hills Country Day School of Far Hills, NJ. I have had the opportunity to work with many different students, of many different musicianship backgrounds, interests, and experiences. 

Music is a wonderful and accessible way to build a foundation of academic, social and emotional well-being. At WFS we don’t just teach music, we teach children how to be creative, problem-solve, collaborate and make connections. I am looking forward to building these skills with each of your children and fueling their life-long excitement for music.

Primary (Preschool - 2nd Grade) 

Our youngest musicians will be working with the Music Play Curriculum this year. Music Play focuses on bringing music into the world of imagination and creativity in which students thrive. By integrating singing and movement, imitation and improvisation, students are able to naturally build their musicianship skills for a lifetime of music learning. 

           Kindergarten through 2nd grade will be experiencing Jump Right In: The Music Series. This research focused curriculum “is based on how children learn music, rather than how it has always been taught.” Students will experience music first, learning concepts and techniques, thus building innate musicality. Later, those abilities are identified to build musicianship and vocabulary. 

Primary school is focused on becoming musical in three ways: being tuneful, beatful, and artful. This foundation prepares students to continue developing their musicianship. 

Elementary (3rd-5th Grade)

The elementary school continues with the advanced levels of the curriculum, Jump Right In: The Music Series. This series focuses on providing children with the experience, technique, and “foundation to audiate and become independent, creative musicians.” Students as exposed to songs, games, and activities that strengthen vocal, aural, and music theory skills. 

In addition, students will have the opportunity to use Music Play Online. This interactive website reinforces the skills learned in the classroom with songs and games.  This website allows for another level of differentiation and adaptation in the classroom. 

6th - 8th Grade 

This year, we are very excited that the middle school will be experiencing multi-age music classes. A few advantages for students will be: leadership opportunities, academic opportunities, and a child-led learning environment. This curriculum is designed around individuals in the classroom. A personalized learning environment is important in motivating and creating a thriving music experience for students. 

Students will experience a rotation of instruments, changing each year. Together we will learn the skills and music theory necessary to play the ukulele, guitar, and percussion instruments. Our goal is for students to graduate with a strong foundation in music theory and musicianship, in addition to a broader, more creative perspective on learning and creating.   

I am looking forward to what we will create and learn this year at WFS!


Ms. Fielding