About Me

My students call me Teacher Christian


BA in English from Rutgers University w/ minor in Creative Writing
I have been an educator since: 2019
I have been at Westfield Friends since: 2019

Why I’m passionate about Quaker education

I’m passionate about Quaker education because it is holistic. It isn’t simply limited to academics and learning in the classroom. Students are encouraged to challenge ideas and the status quo, to ask difficult questions, and tackle even more difficult problems. We encourage students to see themselves as stewards of the earth and makers of change. At Westfield Friends, every voice is valued, every voice is powerful, and we help you make that voice heard.

This year in my class

I hope to help students learn to stand up for what they believe in by being assertive, not aggressive.

Other info

As the Middle School Associate Teacher, I’m extremely fortunate to be able to create connections with the entire middle school community and not be limited to one grade. I am an available resource for all students in all subjects, and always available to provide extra assistance.