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Weekly Math Challenge

Weekly Math Challenge


June 29-August 10th we will post new math challenges each week. These challenges may include Fermi type problems of estimation such as "How many jelly beans will fit into the Stanley Cup Trophy." They might be KenKen and Suduko pages. They might be "real-world" problems such as finding the shortest distance between a set of six cities you want to visit in the US. We will post an easier and harder challenge each week.
  • When you have solved the challenge and shown the steps for your solution. Take a picture and email it to Teacher Margaret. Your first name and grade will be posted on our Math Challenge list here for all to see!
Thank you to everyone who participated in the June 29th Math Challenges. There were correct answers, great and thoughtful estimates and everyone wanted to remain anonymous. This weeks Math challenges are below.
July 6th Math Challenges:
Problem Number 1 is a puzzle. Take a look at the example. Read the directions carefully. Send Teacher Margaret your answers.
Problem Number 2: Problem number two is a Math Modeling problem. Math Modeling is an important skill we all need to develop.  

.This problem was created for students in grades 4-8.  The math involved is math any student who knows how to add, subtract, multiply, divide, ask questions, and think can solve. Have fun.

With thanks to the National Council of Teachers of Math Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School November/December 2018.







Petroglyph National Monument


  • You and your family want to visit three national monuments this summer. The adults who love you will drive you in your family car. One of the monuments must be in either New York or New Jersey. The other two monuments must be in two additional states for a total of three states visited. Your starting point for your trip is your home. 
    • What is the shortest route you and family can take to complete this trip? How long will it take you to complete the shortest route
    • You and your family may decide on a different route. How long will it take you to complete your preferred route? 
    • Let’s assume you spend one full day at each monument. 
    • What else do you need to take into consideration? You want to be home from your trip by August 10th. What is the last possible day you could leave from your home, visit each monument, and be home by the 10th?
    • You may ask an adult for their ideas on what you will need to consider 
    • Be sure you provide the name, latitude and longitude, and a very brief description of each monument you choose.
    • Be sure you show your work in a simple Google sheet or hand drawn spreadsheet type grid.
June 29th Math Challenges:
Problem 1: Frogs and Lily Pads
This week Teacher Margaret bought new postage stamps with frogs. The frogs and her love for lily pads inspired this series of challenges. You may send pictures of your answers (drawings of frogs on lily pads are appreciated but written answers are also fine)

Longwood Gardens has a Lily Pad Garden. Let’s imagine that there are 22 frogs that live in the garden with the four giant lily pads pictured above.
    1. The 22 frogs choose different lily pads for sunbathing. Each of the four lily pads has either four or six frogs sitting on it. How many frogs are on each lily pad?
    2. The 22 frogs decide to rearrange themselves on the four lily pads. Starting with the top lily pad and moving clockwise, make sure each lily pad holds one less frog than the one before.  How many frogs are on each pad?
    3. The 22 frogs love trying out different combinations. This time they decide that each of their four lily pads has a different odd number of frogs (no lily pad has the same number of frogs). How many frogs are on each pad?
Problem 2: Peanut M&Ms for Mrs. Cesaretti

Mrs. Cesaretti brings in an empty 10-gallon fish tank and puts it on the counter by her desk. She decides to fill it with peanut M&Ms. How many individual bags of M&Ms will she need to purchase to fill her tank? She empties all the packets into the tank. How many peanut M&Ms will be in the tank? Be sure you provide enough information (facts) to support your two estimates.






.Problem 3: The Earth Day March and Protest

Westfield Friends School Eighth Graders fill out an application with Cinnaminson Township to hold an Earth Day march from Westfield Friends School to Wood Park and a rally at the park with invited speakers.  The goal of their march and rally is to increase awareness and pressure on the local government, residents, and businesses in Cinnaminson to commit to the complete adoption of renewable energy by 2030.  Based on their advanced networking, the students anticipate as many as 50 other local people, schools, and organizations may want to join them in the march.  They have arranged for two speakers at the Wood Park rally. The township agrees to the march and rally as long as the students can provide a reasonable estimate for how long Riverton Road will need to be closed and how long the park will be occupied. What are the questions and considerations and assumptions you need to make to provide the township with a reasonable estimate? Based on your questions and answers, what is your best estimate for the road closure and the park closure?