Re-Entry Planning


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The Process

Westfield has established a re-entry task force committee which is working diligently to develop a re-entry strategy that allows for flexibility, transparency, and prioritizes the health and safety of our community. Westfield is currently preparing the physical campus to support students in the upcoming school year. However, the administration recognizes that some families may not be comfortable with their child(ren) returning at that time. Administration has developed different options for our families to navigate. 
Westfield's Mission guides all program decisions
Re-entry Plan chart
In-Person Learning title

Westfield’s Return to School Task Force, faculty, and staff are preparing for on 

campus school operations to resume in the 2020-2021 school year. The school will follow specific health precautions which will be in accordance with our local, state, and federal recommendations. Specific decisions and plans regarding on campus modifications will be finalized over the next several weeks. 


Calendar icon The standard drop-off and pick-up times will likely remain the same. The school year may begin in August with staggered starts prioritizing the youngest grades. The school year may be extended to mid-June.
Online learning icon

Digital and Analog tools will support student learning; they will never 

replace or supplant the in-person, student to student and student to 

teacher relationships that are the core of the Westfield experience.

community icon

Modifications, adaptations, and improvements to programs will balance 

the needs for social distancing, best practices in 21st century education, 

and building our students’ relationships with each other.   

Before and after school

After school care and other after school enrichment activities 

may be offered.

Physical Campus Title
In our use of the campus, the Return to School Task Force is focusing on strategies that support student learning, emphasize good hygiene, limit access to our buildings, minimize movement within the buildings, minimize close cross-grade student contact, and take advantage of our eight acres to have students outside as often as possible. 
visitor Visitors will not be in our buildings.
  thermometer and survey
Daily Health surveys and temperature checks for everyone entering the buildings
Sick children and staff or children and staff exposed to COVID-19 stay home
Buildings and surfaces cleaned frequently
Children and staff will wash hands and use hand sanitizer frequently
In grades 1-8 students will sit six feet apart from each other and will wear masks most of the time. When moving in the building or away from their seats, they will wear masks. During meals and outside time with their classmates, mask breaks will be permitted.
Grades Preschool 2-Kindergarten will wear masks as much as possible (masks are not recommended for children two and younger). Teachers will model and teach them safe social distancing in a nurturing environment. The Preschool, Prek & Kindergarten programs will be outdoors or in large indoor spaces as much as possible.              
   combined indoor outdoor
Pairs of classes -- Preschool 2 & 3, Pre-K & Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades, 3rd and 4th grades, 5th and 6th grades, 7th and 8th grades -- have their own, assigned sections of buildings.
Cross-grade activities modified to accommodate social distancing,  moved outdoors, or occur through video-conferencing.
Students are frequently outside for academic instruction and recreation.
open windows
Weather permitting, windows are open to increasing fresh airflow in classrooms and buildings. 
Hybrid Learning title

We know that some families may wish or need to keep their children home for shorter or more extended periods of time. Westfield will provide these students with real time, virtual access to their classroom and most of the activities of their classmates. 

Families interested in Hybrid Learning for some or all of the 2020-2021 school year must speak with Head of School, Margaret Haviland.


Hybrid Learning chart

Distance Learning Title

Distance learning continues our mission of providing an education of conscience and consequence.  In all three modes of learning the focus will be on collaboration, inquiry, problem solving and encouraging a love of learning. Westfield’s distance learning model blends daily synchronous (live) instruction with asynchronous (accessible anytime) instruction with a schedule intentionally designed to advance students’ learning, provide for their social, emotional, and spiritual well-being, and strengthen our community ties.


Distance Learning chart