About Me

My students call me Mr. Abramowitz in English class and Señor in Spanish class.
B.A. in Comparative Arts and Spanish (Washington University in St. Louis).
Ed. M in Language & Literacy (Harvard Graduate School of Education).
I have been an educator since: 2004
I have been at Westfield since: 2021
Why I am Passionate about Quaker Education:
As a continuing member of the WFS Community, I recognize and strive to mirror the commonly known acronym ~ SPICES (simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, and stewardship). Now, in my third year, the mid-week Wednesday Meetings for Worship, the Meetings for Business with the Middle School, and the ongoing work of integrating mindfulness into my grammar, vocabulary, writing, and reading lessons make the Quaker Education platform a springboard for having wonderful ideas and intending to live them in a community of engaged learners. Quaker Education, amidst an ever-changing world, affords my students and me, together, to build and maintain partnerships, to discover and celebrate our passions and strengths as human beings and learners. 
This Year My Students Will...
This year my students will exercise healthy habits of mind, uncover their understanding as self-directed, self-advocating, and self-regulated learners, participate in literature circles, know their comma rules, and gain confidence in communicating in a foreign language and as public speakers through TEDx and poetry declamation. Finally, they will be prepared for the next steps in their academic careers. Being a middle school educator is the profession that chose me, as I continue to learn and grow as a guidepost during this transformative stage in their young lives. This year, my students will learn from their mistakes, have opportunities to partner and collaborate, and learn how to overcome adversities — big and small. 
Fun Facts:
I love reading essays about science, education, sports, food, and travel. I love reading the "Best American" series on these topics. Writing and reading papers is a science and an art. I love when students experience the "aha moment," as it dawns on them that there is a particular pattern and structure to capturing an audience through rhetoric, research, and reflection. The beauty of the essay is the mixture of the personal and the universal. Additionally, I am a lover of exercise, cycling, and cooking. Currently, I have a four-to-five-year-old named Isaac attending the Pre-k program at WFS, and I look forward to bringing him to school, picking him up each day, and learning about his day. Fatherhood is such a joy!