About Me

Students call me Teacher Christina


B.S. in Early Childhood and Elementary Education
New Jersey N-8 teaching certification
Years in education: 13

Why I’m Passionate About Quaker Education

The strong sense of community drives my commitment to share in the absolute joy of providing my students with a Quaker education. A Quaker education builds confidence, develops critical thinking, fosters inquisitive exploration, supports creativity, promotes stewardship and nurtures the whole child. Through these principles I strive to support my students as we share our days together growing and learning.

This Year in My Class

This year in my class I will nurture and encourage the lifelong learning of my students. I will encourage my students to think creatively and explore their natural curiosity. All children are unique and have something special they can bring to our classroom community. I will support my students in expressing themselves and accept themselves for who they are, as well as embrace the differences of others. I will encourage my students to meet their fullest potential in all areas by providing an environment of care, joy and exploration.