Alumni Donors by Graduation Year

WFS Class of '72
Top row: Juli Ann Hordis, Becky Ulrich, Eric Stevenson, Wendy Rump
Middle row: Mrs. Kriss (teacher), Debbie Griffin, Richard Szczepkowski, Stephen Voellinger, Charlotte Yates, John Hoffman, Connie Hannemann
Bottom row: Vic Hordis, Salvie Avena, Vince Craighead, Richard Powell, Penny Bair, Debbie Huebel
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Westfield Friends School appreciates the sustained connections with its former students.  Your continued support is valued and it ensures that there are more graduates that go on to lead lives of conscience and consequence.

Listing of donors to Westfield Friends School, including cash and in-kind gifts to the Annual Fund, Endowment, Grant Funding, Planned Giving, Spring Event, Golf & Tennis Outing, and designated gifts from July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021. Donations received after June 30, 2021 will be reflected in next year’s report.

* Donors with an asterisk are members of the 1788 Circle (contributions of $1,000 or more to the Annual Fund in FY2020-2021)
Richard Hollerith '38  
  Delma Broussard '70
Robert Post '44  
  William Robb Graham '70
Charles Carpenter '46  
Beth Feldman '71 and Jeffrey Desman*
Philip '47 and Naomi Lippincott*  
  Stephen ‘72 and Olga Voellinger*
Dr. & Mrs. C. Miller Biddle IV '50*  
  John '75 and Kate Latimer
Dr. Thomas '50 and Christine Dickson  
  Brian and Kris Vollmer '79 Propp
Mr. & Mrs. Wickliffe Hollingshead '50  
  Angela G Garcia '80
William "Eddie" Hendrickson '52  
  Mr. Darah Biddle '83 and Susan Wood*
Sandy Wasson ‘52  
  Molly and Joshua ‘83 Cope
Betsy Napier Wood '52  
  Edward '84 and Lorraine Ziminski
Ms. Stacy Capehart ‘53  
  Dr. Robert F. McFadden, MD ‘87
Clark Hobbie ‘53  
  Ms. Liza Daly '88*
Mr. David Landgraf ‘53  
  David ‘88 and Dana Shields
Mr. & Mrs. Peter '56 and Wendy Brunt  
  J.T. ‘88 and Brandi Thurber*
Robert '56 and Lucia Knight  
  Mr. Ethan Birchard '91
Gretchen ‘57 and Richard DeCou*  
  Michael Cope '91 and Catherine Cronin
Robert Landgraf ‘57  
  Taylor ‘94 and Kristin Hoffman Parry
Mr. Brian Loveland ‘57  
  Erika Thomas Roess ‘95*
Richard ‘57 and Carol Mason*  
  Julia Judson-Rea '96
Scott Chambers ‘58*  
  Tyler Cope '99
Ms. Lydia S. Hunn '58  
  Patricia Gerew '99 and Keane Storey
Kathleen Mertens '58  
  Daniel and Colin '99 Lucas
Ellen Miller '58  
  Meredith O'Brien '99 and Matthew Hinsey
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur '59 and Roberta Abramowitz  
  Thomas Smith '99
Dr. & Mrs. William and Linda Stevenson ‘59 Kimball  
  Rachel Cope Tarvin '99 and Luke Tarvin
Linda Lee '59  
  Samantha Szczepkowski '99 and Jacob Brickley '00
Robert Abramowitz ‘61 and Susan Stewart*  
  Nora '00 and Jonathan Sheridan
Marion Benner '61 Iles*  
  David Skinner '00*
Mr. & Mrs. Robert '61 and Cynthia Anne Stevenson  
  Ryan Ellis '01
Liz Martino '62  
  Benjamin Roderick '02*
David Good '63  
  Rebecca Cope '03
Jack ‘63 and Valerie Parry  
  Morgan Burgess '04
Judy ‘64 and Rob ‘64 Cope*  
  Rana Jaraha '04
Carol Dickey '64  
  Alicia Link '04
Susan '64 and David Giffen  
  Julie Martin '04 and Sean Denson
Robert '64 and Susanna McVaugh  
  Liz Spagnoletti-Hecker ‘04
Lawrence ‘64 and Catherine Rogers  
  Alison Barton '06
Anne Barclay Bragg '65  
  Elizabeth Tatum '07
Richard Feldman '65  
  Clifford Burgess '08
Donna Reed '65  
  Paige Dubrow '08
Mary '65 and Donald Shannon  
  Paige Propp '10
Mr. Robert Andreola '66  
  Emily Tatum '11
Dr. Walter Kornienko ‘67  
  Rachel Brown '12
Neil J. '68 and Megumi Kozarsky  
  Jackson Propp '13
Alice Good '69*  
  Katie Kasperson '13
  Jacob Desman '13
  The Mulholland Family '13 & '15
  Catherine Tatum '16
We do try to acknowledge all gifts accurately. If you notice any errors or omissions, please accept our sincere apology and let us know of the mistake so we are able to make the necessary corrections.
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