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Strategic Plan

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We are humbled by your faith in Westfield Friends School, its mission, and its work with children. Because of your faith in Westfield's past, present, and future, the world we seek for children will continue to begin here.



To maintain and strengthen our outstanding program, selectively adding 21st century tools that fit our Quaker values and child centred mission.


  • Comprehensive curricular review

  • Adoption of The Columbia Teacher College Reading and Writing Workshop programs and The Math in Focus (Singapore Math) program

  • Creation of the OWLS Lab (Observe, Wonder, Learn, Share) to foster Design Thinking, Robotics, and Engineering Science class

  • Re-creation of Middle School to craft a distinctive, age appropriate identity with field trips, activities, and academic programming

  • Intentional Focus on Faculty Professional Development with dedicated funding in service of school mission



To keep the principles and practices of the Religious Society of Friends central to the life of Westfield Friends School, and to keep a live and vibrant connection to Westfield Monthly Meeting.


  • Weekly Meeting for Worship is the heart of student experienceMeeting greeting

  • Students adapt Westfield Monthly Meeting's monthly query for discussion and reflection in Wednesday morning Meeting for Worship

  • Head of School worships with Westfield Monthly Meeting once a month and makes regular, in person, reports to the Monthly Meeting

  • All school announcements are shared with the Monthly Meeting

  • Creation of the Board level Quaker Life Committee which has brought programming to the school fostering outreach between the school and the Monthly Meeting

  • The Board of Trustees includes members of the Monthly Meeting

  • Close coordination on shared property issues and mutual outreach opportunities are maintained



To advance the visibility and reputation of the school through effective use of progressive marketing and communications.


  • Creation of Board level Marketing Committee which includes parents, faculty, and school administrators

  • Revamped the website with relevant, informative content reflecting the program and community today

  • Worked with marketing consultants to tighten and focus the narrative communicated to the wider community

  • Focused marketing efforts on "in-bound" marketing and search engine optimization

  • Creation of communication team of faculty focusing on the school website, Facebook, and Instagram



To nurture the close-knit and enthusiastic spirit of the community and build a sustaining culture of philanthropy for the future.


  • Successful capital campaign

  • Successful grant applications leading to funding for the creation of the preschool, preschool playground, and OWLS Lab classroom

  • Increased participation by parents, alums and friends of the school in the Annual Fund. Increased total giving year over year

  • Creation of the 1788 Circle and Copper Beech programs to encourage leadership level gifts and planned giving

  • Creation of Golf Outing (the 3rd annual golf outing increased its net revenue by almost 50%)

  • First ever A Taste of Our Towns spring fundraiser in 2019 exceeded all expectations



To build a secure financial future based on robust enrollment, sound business management, and wise use of our endowment.


  • Creation of a two and three year old preschool to take advantage of local need for play based, high quality preschool

  • 2018-2019 student body attrition and retention stabilized

  • 2019-2020 enrollment increased to 143 students, the highest in the past 5 years

  • Focus on student retention: 90% of two year olds returned as three year olds, 80% of three year olds returned as four year olds

  • Creation of Responsive Tuition Program, referral incentives, sibling discounts and frozen tuition for middle school students

  • Steady growth in tuition, grants, and donations to the Annual Fund and other development events have helped to close the school's budget gap



To enhance our structures for Board leadership, remaining true to Quaker values as we incorporate best principles and practices in independent school governance.


  • Increased size of the Board of Trustees to include members who were not members of the Religious Society of Friends to increase the talents and knowledge base within the Board

  • Regular Board evaluation and professional development to insure highest standards of governance

  • Focus on visionary leadership and managing head of school leadership changes

  • New bylaws were approved in 2017 by the Board and Westfield Monthly Meeting; the bylaws emphasize our Quaker identity and have appropriate legal language to protect the school

  • Board members regularly attend Westfield Friends School functions and are visible in the WFS community

  • Adoption of new Mission Statement

Students walking to meeting