About Me

My students call me Mrs. Yearly


B.A. Theatre Arts
M.A. Elementary Education
NJ Teaching (K-6), Certification

Years in education: 22 years
Years at WFS: 18 years


Why Iā€™m Passionate About Quaker Education

I love the combination of rigorous academics, focus on character building, and educating the whole child. It's vitally important for our students to learn to always work toward peaceful solutions and environments. I especially appreciate the emphasis on making our community better--our classroom community, our school community, and our global community. The acceptance and understanding of all faiths is important to me.


This Year in My Class

In academics, I hope my students come away from second grade with a love of reading and solid knowledge and application of written expression.  Our theme is the discovery and exploration of our world: its people, places, and animals. I'd especially like my second grade students to realize that it is alright to struggle with concepts or tasks and to make mistakes.  It is in the struggle that true learning takes place!

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