whats happening in second grade
reading and writing news
On the first day of school, I read aloud I Promise by LeBron James. We discussed working together at school and doing our very best to be supportive and respectful to each other. The children chose their own books to read from our classroom library during quiet reading time. 
I read aloud the book Same Difference. Students completed a Venn diagram comparing the characters in the story. As an extension activity, the children used mirrors to look at their own unique physical features and drew their self-portraits. They wrote about their favorite things on a "Who Am I?" poster with their portraits. I posted them on the bulletin board and they guessed who was on each poster based on the clues they had written. We celebrated our wonderful differences and personalities.
The children read Scholastic News readers.
In Language Arts, the students learned about nouns. They took a spelling test to determine their placements in the Words Their Way program for spelling. They wrote narrative stories about moments in their lives as an on-demand writing activity. These provide information for me as baseline starting points in writing as we begin our narrative writing unit.
math news
The students have been using Base Ten Blocks to identify, build, and write 3-digit numbers. They are writing the numbers in three ways: standard form, expanded form, and word form.  They are discovering patterns as they add ones, then add only tens, and finally add just hundreds. Each day, the children take turns presenting the calendar to the class. We started with a penny on the first day and add a penny on each day we are in school. The students count the money and write it on the board in cent form, dollar form, and word form.
s ss news
In Science, the students completed an activity to determine whether there is more water or land on the surface of the Earth. They made predictions, then worked in groups using cubes on a map of the Earth. After counting the cubes, they found that there is more water on the surface than land. We will continue studying water (fresh vs. salt water, uses of water, keeping it clean, etc.) as our first unit in Science.
This week will begin our Social Studies unit studying landforms and bodies of water found on the Earth. 
important news
9/15 - Back to School Night in our classroom at 7:00
questions you ask your child
Did you have fun with your 4th-grade Buddies on Thursday?
Did you empty your Travel Folder (T-Folder) with your parents over the weekend?
How do you earn a day to read in the loft?