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A Typical Camp Day

Typical Camp Day

Our Mission

Following Westfield Friends School's mission, the Summer Camp Program provides a fun environment where students can grow physically and academically as they learn to respect individual differences and develop moral values. We provide a safe and nurturing environment for children to participate in creative learning and recreational activities that facilitate the joy of discovery.

Our Activities

Summer Camp sessions are theme-based incorporating STEAM activities, intrinsic motivation for reading program, and water play. Trips include short walks to the local park, the local library, and other local community facilities.
Friday is Splash Play

Age Groups

Children are grouped according to age but have opportunities to interact with older and younger friends.

Each Day:

• Campers must be wearing masks at all times
• Campers should bring two additional clean masks, daily
• An online Daily Health Screening form will be shared with campers - mandatory to complete every day before attending camp
• Camp staff will check campers' temperatures before exiting cars, daily
• Campers should wear sneakers and comfortable clothing
• Campers need to bring a full lunch with ice packs to keep food cold, a water bottle that can be refilled, and snacks
• Campers should bring hand sanitizer
• Camper's name should be clearly marked on all their belongings
• Campers will need a towel, sunscreen, and extra clothing on Fridays
For more information,
or call
 (856) 829-0895 ext.135