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The Weekly Roundup with Teacher Margaret - March 26

Dear Friends,

The historian in me knows we are living through an inflection point in history. I remember standing outside three days after 9/11 and thinking how quiet it was and then four small planes flew overhead on their way from having been grounded at Philadelphia International Airport to their home airport. Looking back we all know how our lives changed after that event. In 2008, I remember watching the stock market melt and hearing of all the layoffs and knowing that I had two children in college at that time. We will look back on this time of COVID-19 and be able to name the ways our lives have changed.  I met with Westfield's Board of Trustees this past week and they affirmed the strength of our school and are doing their work to support our teachers and families.

I am so proud of the work our teachers have done in this our first six days of online learning. I have heard from many families from all grades about how supported they feel, how happy their children are to be in school. One parent wrote that their child takes pride in doing her work and loves the updates from Mrs. Marrazzo. Another parent shared how important it was for their child to have had PE. A seventh-grade parent appreciates knowing their child is maintaining their school friendships within the structure of their online discussions. During one of the ZOOM meetings this past week, I thanked an anonymous Middle School student for “encouraging” me to learn how to keep them from putting eyebrows on the painting in Deborah Marris’ Looking at Art lecture. The Elementary students held a first every virtual Meeting for Worship. I heard from a few families how much this meant for them to join with their children in this practice.

I appreciate your patience as we work through the bumps and get better at providing you and your children with structure in your days, advancing your children’s educational growth, and providing you and children with social-emotional support. 

I am holding you all in the Light