Parent and Guardian Council

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Thank you so much for your support! We have received a lot of orders for mums! 
Since today is the LAST DAY to order, please send orders directly to me via text (646)620-5296 or email I can accept Venmo as payment! You can also send a check or cash into school.
Similar to the poinsettias, we make a $4 profit per plant sold. This is money that the Parents & Guardian Council returns directly to your children by helping fund purchases that benefit the kids. Therefore, we want to encourage you to buy your plants from us!

We offer 1 size in several different colors. There are samples placed alongside the cemetery driveway as well as outside the pre-k and k pick up area.
The distribution of all orders placed will take place outside the auditorium, on the porch, on September 30th.

We won’t be able to store your plants for you, so please arrange to have them picked up on that day.

If you have ANY questions, please feel free to reach out to me.

In friendship,
Sandra Ormond
Co-Clerk P&G Council