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Westfield Friends at Home

The Lesneski Family

Lucas and his family are having a blast learning and playing outside!

The Peak-Gregg Family

The Peak-Gregg Family is having fun at home with virtual dance parties and reading outside!
peak gregg

The Senh Family

The Senh Family took a car ride this week.  When asked where Ryan and Ethan wanted to go, they both said, "Westfield Friends School!"  

The Weinstein Family

Sophia had a blast on this beautiful day tie-dyeing paper towels with markers and then watching the beautiful colors spread as she painted over them with water.

The Thurber Family

Sadie James and Brayson are building and selling virtual sleepover kits and donating $5 per order to the FoodBank of NJ. It 's a fun project with lots of great school lessons - math, marketing, and computer design!  Great work, Thurber Family!! For more information, please text Sadie James at 609-790-4557 or email Brayson - braysonking@icloud.com.

8th Grade Toga Party

Mrs. Rinck had a Zoom Toga party with the 8th grade!  



The Shea Family

Teegan has been busy making chalk art masterpieces!

The Sigman Family

The Sigman Family has been very busy!  Dylan has been helping his parents tear out old garden plots and installing one large one.  They are calling it the Children’s Garden.  Dylan also built a birdhouse with his Papa, helped put on a fresh coat of paint in part of the house, and has been having fun drawing and playing outside playing with his sister.


The Middle School

Our Middle School students worked collaboratively to create a banner to express hope, appreciation, and solidarity during this time of social distancing.
middle school

The Cohen-Dlugosz Family

They’ve been spending a lot of time outdoors including a chalk mosaic, getting used to remote learning, and celebrating Avi’s half birthday.


Lunch Bunches with Mrs. Jaslow

PK was learning about feelings today. They looked at pictures of vegetables and fruits making faces and had to guess what emotion they were feeling.  Then, they practiced their silly face (like the kiwi) and the nervous face (like the adorable scallion).  They were having a hard time making the nervous face because they thought Mrs. Jaslow looked so silly! 


4th Grade at Home

For Earth day, fourth graders learned all about Found Object art and also Mandalas. They learned that mandalas can hold symbolic and meditative meaning beyond their vibrant appearance. They were assigned a Found Object Mandala Challenge to:
Option 1:
Create a mandala using objects you find around the house/reused or recycled objects.
Option 2: 
Create a mandala using objects you gather from nature. 

The Martin Family

Gavin has been keeping busy fishing with Grandpop!


The Gold Family

Sophia has been very busy making Earth Day crayons, practicing reading a book focused on letter L words, and putting the cycle of a ladybugs life in order as Pre-K learned all about them.


The Johnson Family

Ellie and her dog, Jake, loved listening to a story about how to help the Lorax save the Earth on Earth Day!


The Thurber Family 

Sadie James is working hard in her home office!

sadie james

The Bacon Family

Nora and her family placed this rainbow in their front window for everyone walking in the neighborhood to enjoy and as a thank you to the delivery drivers, trash, and recycling employees who still frequent their street. They are always grateful for everything they do, especially now!


The McAndrew Family

Aubrey has been keeping very busy egg hunting, music-making, rock painting, and playing with her pup Sadie. 


The Thompson Family

Kurt is keeping very busy at home!


The Ansari Family

Ibby is doing fun experiments at home!

The Hinsey Family

Chip and his younger brother Sully are learning and playing at home. 

The Cesaretti Family

Mrs. Cesaretti's youngest son Nicholas is spending his time in the garden!  Nick is an ICU nurse at Christiana Hospital in DE.  On his day off he is helping Mrs. Cesaretti by weeding and preparing the garden for spring planting.  He doesn’t mind weeding and Mom gets to spend time with him.  Perks of being quarantined.   

The Ormond Family

The Ormond family turned the office into “school”. You can see Saffy read, draw, do her work and also participate in gym. Besides school, we came up with a little project in which we took 3 really dirty pennies, and put them in 3 different mouthwashes overnight, to see which mind will clean it the most. Listerine Original won! 

The Ibanez Family

Ameli is doing her homework with the help of her pet, Paolo. Her sister, Nadia, also likes to watch the Penguin videos from Mrs. Yearly. Then it's Week-End science time!  These sisters are working hard.

The Van Name Family

Connor is getting in some great exercise while having fun with his family!

van name

The Peak-Gregg Family

Evelyn and Ricky decorating their birthday cakes. Evelyn(pre-k Mrs. Marrazzo), Ricky (4th grade), brother Jaylen, sister Bellarose making a “stained glass window” for Easter. Can you spy them in the one picture?  Later on, Evelyn and Ricky made a lasagna for dinner. It was delicious!

peak gregg

Kindergarten at Home

Holt is practicing his writing, and Aubrey is working on her art!


Pre-K at Home

Pre-K students are making butterflies at home - keeping art alive and welcoming spring!

pre k


The Spatzier Family

Ms. Spatzier's son, Salvatore, is busy making sandwiches for Cathedral Kitchen and practicing driving.


The King Family

Amadu and his brother chose to do the optional Seesaw activity where they had to design a parachute for a toy over Spring Break.


The Harp Family

The Harp family is keeping busy making PB&J’s for Cathedral Kitchen. They dropped off 45 sandwiches! They have had to get creative with technology to keep up with regular activities, including piano lessons delivered via FaceTime and Facebook live video instruction for dance classes. 

Harp  harp2

The Cranmer Family

Will and his family went kayaking and saw some wonderful wildlife - a blue heron, a bald eagle, some ospreys, and turtles!


The Chan Family

Kayla Chan was busy making a sign for a window in the front of her house. 


The McAndrew Family

The McAndrew family is keeping busy with school work, nature walks, bike rides, baking, and art projects

mcandrew family

Pre-K at Home

Ellie Johnson and Emilia Rose Vernacchio are working hard on their "Letter E" nature projects while Gavin Martin is having fun with a cool marble maze! 



The Marrazzo Family

The Marrazzo family is keeping very busy with art projects, nature walks, deer feeding, and paper wasp finding! 


The Olsen Family

The Olsen family is enjoying the fresh air together with a happy bike ride!


The Jaslow Family

The Jaslow family is working hard each morning with school work and then enjoying some outdoor fun in the afternoon! We love walks, bike rides, playing fetch with our 10-year-old Labrador Retriever (who really loves that her family is home!), and outdoor planks. I miss you all so much!!