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The Weekly Roundup with Teacher Margaret - June 4

Dear Friends,

Even as New Jersey begins the slow process of re-opening safely, we are quickly wrapping up our year. This is my third communication home to you this week. I participated in Moorestown’s community solidarity Black Lives Matter march yesterday. Being with so many of my neighbors gave me a solid feeling of connection after months of living in an all too virtual world and distanced world. The raw emotion flowing through the many speakers and signs made evident how important our work as parents and educators is. I have included a copy of my Monday letter concerning the violence and protests below.

Upcoming dates and times:

  • I want to be sure that you have on your calendars the dates and times for our textbook, musical instruments, and student materials exchange next week. Nicole sent out a detailed email earlier in the week.
  • Wednesday, June 10th from 9-10 AM join with your children in our end of year Meeting for Worship for all children in grades Prek-8th Grade. We will send out a ZOOM link next week
  • Thursday, June 11th from 9-10 AM join with your children in our end of year Assembly where we will see the PrekArt show, hear songs recorded by Kindergarten, First, Second and Eighth Grades, and learn who won awards across our wonderful program. We will send out a ZOOM link next week
  • Friday, June 12th from 10-11:30 AM Eighth Grade Graduation. We will send out a ZOOM link next week

Check out these new pages on our website

  • Summer Learning at Westfield: This is the page to come to find out what your child should be doing for summer reading this summer. There are specific assignments by grade and wonderful lists of books. (This will also be your source for continuing Math instruction in the upper grades. We will let you know when it is published)
  • Summer Fun at Westfield: For families who are enrolled for the upcoming year, we invite you to participate in the free activities described on this set of pages. Still to be added are some STEAM Projects, Fermi Math Challenges, and Mrs. Parry’s famous writers' workshop for Middle School.
  • ONLINE LEARNING will be our regular page for communicating our Return to School Task Force work. You will also find updates I send on this page as well. Last Friday’s letter is here if you missed it in your email. 

As is my practice, this week's Meeting for Worship program is provided below.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.