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The Weekly Roundup with Teacher Margaret - June 11

June 11, 2020

Dear Friends,

Whew, we made it! We have had an extraordinary year of learning and community. Our final Meeting for Worship was filled with wonderful messages of gratitude and appreciation for teachers and friends. Our Eighth Grade students spoke eloquently about all that they had learned about themselves and the world around them. Today’s Final Assembly allowed us to showcase the work of Prekindergarten art, Preschool fun, the musical abilities of First, Second, and Third Grade students, and academic achievements in Fourth to Eighth Grades.

The next two months should be focused on being outdoors, connecting with the natural world, seeing family and friends, restoration, rejuvenation, and continued growth and learning. You will find that your children’s teachers have re-imagined our summer reading program to focus on fostering a love of reading. 

  • All of the Summer Reading program is available on our website on the Academics tab. 
  • The Math enrichment program for Fifth through Eighth Grade will also be available there by next week. Most students have already heard from Mrs. Cope and Mrs. Voosbikian about what they need to do in Math.

We have also created several just for fun activities which are also available on our website for any families who are enrolled for the upcoming year. These are free. All of the Summer Fun offerings are to be found on the Academics tab on the website.

I will continue to write to you with our re-opening plans. Expect my next update in the next few days. All of our plans and current thinking, including my letters to you, are available on our website

Thank you for a great year. I couldn’t have imagined a better community to join. You are the fabric of this school.



PS Please do stay in touch! Call or email me with anything you think I need to know or consider as we look ahead to next year.