The Weekly Roundup with Teacher Margaret - November 19th

Lots of details:


We had a truly cold day on Wednesday. Everyone dressed for the day; we all played outside. Middle School students experienced their first student government meeting. Held in the manner of a Quaker Meeting for Business, the student clerks led their peers through a consideration of having a canned food drive, a student-led idea to have affinity groups for people who want them, and ways to raise funds and causes they want to support. Messy, a bit hard to hear over the wind, and somewhat halting, AND everyone was pleased with this first foray.


Last spring I wrote to every student in school, this summer students wrote postcards to their teachers about books they are reading. And now Fifth Grade students have pen pals in Toronto and Calgary. Ever resourceful, Mrs. DeMarco arranged for these exchanges as a part of the Global Read Aloud of Indian No More by Charlene Willian and Traci Sorrell..


At the Parents and Guardians Council meeting, parents shared ideas for summer programming and voiced their needs for child care (or not) during the summer. Thank you to everyone who provided Janeen Smith and me with feedback through P&G Council or the survey I sent earlier in the month.


When we return from Thanksgiving vacation, we hope to have a voluntary, twice-a-month COVID-19 testing program in place. Our nurse, Maggie McHale, has taken the lead on this and we will have more information to share very soon.


We are rolling out a new app for our website. This app will provide you with all the latest news and announcements from our website. In the next day or two, I will send information for downloading this app onto your phone.


By now you should have received an invitation to sign up for one of the two viewings of our Thanksgiving music and art demonstration of learning. Jessica Fielding, Deborah Marris, and Alicia Link have proven that constraints provide opportunities for creative educators to help children explore their worlds in new and unexpected ways. They are looking forward to sharing with you what the students have managed to create in this extraordinary year.


Our annual poinsettia sale benefitting Parent’s and Guardian’s Council is here. The order form is on the website and in the Weekly Wire.


Last but not least (but not in time for the holidays), we will shortly have information on ordering Westfield Friends School branded fleece jackets, hooded sweatshirts, and warm knit hats. Layers are an important part of our school equipment this year, right up there with books, Chromebooks, and pencils.


The Inquirer’s Signe Wilkinson is a Quaker, this week her cartoon reminds us that Thanksgiving will be different this year and we still have much to be thankful for. .


I am grateful for each and every one of our teachers, students, and the families that share their children with us.