The Weekly Roundup with Teacher Margaret - September 24

Radical Community:

Dear Friends,


Mary Rinck, our intrepid Admissions Director, routinely shows families around our buildings. You will see her helping families peek into windows to catch glimpses of all that our students are doing. I wish that I could lift the roof off, invite my nephew to bring his drone, and send you live videos of all that your children are learning and doing every single day.  Today was our Buddies time and out my window, I watched our PreK and Sixth-grade students work together to create drawings and to plant native species flowers in the Prek & K play yard. Kindergarteners could be seen carrying books outside to read with their buddies.


In Meeting For Worship on Wednesday, Teacher Rachael led us through a guided meditation where students were asked to make a wish for someone they loved and cared about and then to make a wish for someone they found challenging. This is radical community building. Sixth Grade students are studying native plants in science and bringing that knowledge to improving the landscaping of our school grounds. In the process, they are learning how to care for the physical space that holds and nurtures our school community. The service projects we will do over the course of the year ask students to expand their understanding of who is in their community. As you and your family take time to rest and rejuvenate over our three day weekend, why not ask them how they would like to help within your family or community. Maybe that means helping with chores or visiting a neighbor in a socially distant manner or helping with a community trash pickup or food drive. Our children want to help us. While we are able to sweep or wash dishes or pull weeds (or any other task) faster and more thoroughly than our children, letting them do these tasks (and others) provides another way for them to feel accomplished, valued, and learn lessons about building community.


Below are a few glimpses from “my window”

. .