Big News for the Haviland Family

This September, Teacher Margaret and her husband Tom became GRANDPARENTS!  Congratulations to the entire Haviland family.  Here are some fun facts about their grandson, Mylo:

  • Mylo was born in Tokyo, Japan to Teacher Margaret’s son, Tommy, and his wife, Mariya.
  • He was born on Wednesday, September 15 at around 10:00 AM.  Because he was born in Tokyo, Teacher Margaret learned she was officially a grandmother on Tuesday, September 14th at11:05 PM!
  • Mylo is a perfect name because it is pronounceable equally well and similarly in Japanese and English. 
  • Mylo is 3/8ths Japanese and 5/8ths European American (Scotch, Irish, English).
  • He weighed 3948 grams and was 55 centimeters tall. By Japanese standards, he was a giant. Big Japanese babies are usually around 2.7 kilos. **Students – We challenge you to figure out how big Mylo was at birth in inches and pounds!**
  • Japanese babies and their mothers stay in the hospital for a week for a first normal delivery baby. They want to help the mother rest and heal, and they do regular daily tests with the baby. Once they return home, they don't leave their home for a full month after the birth. A nurse comes to them for checks.
  • Tommy speaks to him in English. Mariya speaks to him in Japanese.
  • Teacher Margaret and her husband Tom get to speak to baby Mylo on Skype.

Here are some pictures of sweet baby Mylo when he came home from the hospital: 


mylo  mylo2