Who wants cake?!

It has been a tradition for many many years to celebrate 4th grade's year of learning about NJ, with a four-foot New Jersey Cake! Even T. Paige participated when she was in 4th grade at WFS!
This year, the 5th grade got to join in on the fun since they missed out last year due to remote learning.
Depicted are the 21 counties in the state, as well as 6 geographic regions. Our lucky 8th graders get to enjoy this delicious work of art along with the 4th and 5th graders who made it!
Great job everyone!
njcake1 njcake2
Guess who?!!
njcake5 njcake6
njcake7 njcake8
njckae9 njake10
njcake11 njcake12
njcake13 njcake15
njcake16 njcake17
njcake18 njcake18
njcake 20 njcake21