Teacher Margaret's "View From My Window" - September 30th

Gratitude: Gratitude is the unofficial theme for the week. 

PreK students welcomed Miss Canice back to school with open arms. PreSchool students were thrilled to see their friends and teachers out in their yard. Preschool teacher Mrs. Durdin welcomed her new daughter into the world and Kadence in second grade celebrated the birth of her baby sister. We all enjoyed Tuesday’s rain and gave thanks for the thunder warning us to head inside before anyone got wet!

camp dark waters tripThe weather finally cooperated and Middle School students went on their twice-postponed field trip. I watched our Middle School students enter into the fun of their day at Camp Dark Waters. The first activities were designed to move Middle Students beyond their initial reticence to be silly. They were asked to take a breath and then run and yell as far and as loud as they could on that one breath. After a few tentative yelps, real, lung-clearing screams catapulted across the central yard.
camp dark waters jumping frogsNext, kids squatted down and had to jump across a line and bump against each other. Imagine two-legged frogs hopping. Two students were worried about getting dirty but then threw caution to the wind and entered into the fun. The day is intended to build friendships across grades and groups, further develop skills needed for successful collaboration, and challenge students to try something new and a bit challenging.
preschool playOn Wednesday preschool began their day with music and singing. This joyful movement connects them with their bodies and helps them feel where they are in relationship to each other. They have also been working on developing the small muscles in their hands by coloring, working with playdough, and using blocks and other manipulatives. preschool singing

In Meeting for Worship, we sang “Let There Be Peace on Earth". Teacher Rachael led the community in a mindfulness activity to help quiet minds and bodies. Students spoke of people for whom they are grateful, like parents or siblings or teachers or pets. We ended Meeting with a new closing by turning to our left and right and saying “thank you for worshipping with me”. Before returning to our busy days we sang “As We Leave the Friendly Place”. 

shout out boardWe have a new Shout Out Board in the front hall that is slowly filling with the names of people “caught” doing good, from picking up trash after lunch, to holding the door, to helping find lost books. 

reduce food wasteLooking ahead to next week, the students in the five oldest grades will start phase one of their lunch food waste challenge. In phase one, each grade will weigh the amount of opened, but unfinished food from their lunches -- apple cores, strawberries, half a sandwich, etc. When we return from our fall vacation these same students will be challenged to reduce their food waste. The class with the greatest percentage reduction, will win bragging rights and perhaps ice cream! 

Friday, October 8th is a teacher’s in-service day. No school for students. Teachers and staff will engage in CPR and first aid training. Our fall vacation runs through Tuesday, October 12th. Classes resume on Wednesday, October 13th. 




What I am reading:
Joy Unspeakable: Contemplative Practices of the Black Church by Barbara Holmes
don't turn out the lights

Don’t Turn out the Lights by Jonathan Maberry with 4th & 5th grades

separate is never equal

Separate is Never Equal by Duncan Tonatiuh