Middle School Project - UPDATE!

UPDATE: Middle School students created over 200 sandwiches for Cathedral Kitchen on November 23red. Cathedral Kitchen is the largest emergency food provider for Camden, NJ, serving more than 100,000 meals a year! Their mission is to “help people out of food insecurity and champion their pursuit of stability and prosperity.”


We overachieved our goal of making 50-100 turkey and cheese sandwiches as part of our Thanksgiving Celebration and as a service project to the community.

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Your purchases help raise over $1,000!!! THANK YOU!!


In order to fund the supplies for the 200 turkey and cheese sandwiches the students will be making, Teacher Margaret challenged the sixth, seventh, and eighth graders to try to find a way to make some of the money needed. They organized a “drive-by” bake sale, and over the course of three weeks the students in each grade took turns baking goods, packaging them for individual sale, and selling them to parents in the car line at the end of the school day. The result was beyond our wildest expectations! The sale brought in over $1000! Obviously the profits were beyond what will be needed for our sandwich project; therefore the students will decide during the Middle School Meeting next week on to which other charities they would like to donate the remainder of the funds.


We’d like to thank our middle school students for their extraordinary efforts and our Westfield families for their enthusiastic support. We applaud all of our students and families for their continued commitment to serving others. Our next service project will be the Adopt-a-Family project in which students, with help from their families, will purchase and wrap gifts for the family members adopted by their class.


Our students recognize that they are indeed lucky and are grateful for all that life has given them; in their gratitude, they are learning the joy of sharing with others.



Middle School raising money for Cathedral Kitchen project