Buddies getting creative together

Buddies gather together today, Thursday, December 2nd to make ornaments for the school tree.
Students created something meaningful to them and their own faith tradition/family tradition for this time of year.
Here they are hard at work!
Ornament buddies1 Ornament buddies2 Ornament buddies3
Ornament buddies4 Ornament buddies5 Ornament buddies6
Ornament buddies7 Ornament buddies8 Ornament buddies9
Ornament buddies10 Ornament buddies11 Ornament buddies12
Ornament buddies13 Ornament buddies14 Ornament buddies15
Ornament buddies16 Ornament buddies17 Ornament buddies18
Ornament buddies19 Ornament buddies20 Ornament buddies21