MLK Day observed during Quaker Friday

Students focused on the ways Dr. King partnered with diverse people during his life and inspired people after his death to join together in achieving ambitious, daunting, and community-transforming goals.
For service, Teacher Fozia planned a project where older students helped younger students make no-sew blankets for distribution to local shelters. 

Teacher Carl and Ms. Fielding lead a presentation on the importance of Stevie Wonder’s song “Happy Birthday” in establishing the national holiday celebrating Dr. King.

As Teacher Margaret wrote in her "View From My Window" this week, "While there are many ways for children to connect this story to their own lives and take inspiration, I hope they all come away with a glimmer of understanding of what it means to have hope, a vision, and perseverance over “the long haul.”"

Younger students returned to their classrooms to watch and discuss videos about Dr. King such, Martin's Big Words”, My Daddy, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr by Martin Luther King III, or Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: A Leader and a Hero.

Older students gathered to read and discuss together Dr. King’s 1967 letter announcing the Poor People’s Campaign. Students also read King’s letter inviting the American Friends Service Committee to join the campaign. They were asked to consider how this campaign continues today and what they are inspired to do now in their community.

Last year, students in 4th-8th grades were inspired to create social justice notecards. We still have cards available for purchase.