Teacher Margaret's "View From My Window" - January 20th

Today students in grades PreK-8 gathered across the school to read with their buddies. In each case, younger students read at their just-right level to their Middle School buddies. In return, Middle School students read more challenging picture books to their younger friends. 3rd and 5th-grade students read the queries that 8th-grade students wrote for them. The younger students then took these queries and rewrote them in language more accessible to them.

Our halls are filling up with examples of the work of our PreK, Kindergarten, First, and Second-grade students! Below are examples of their creations

I hope I will see many of you at the Parents and Guardians Council Meeting this Tuesday. We will be looking ahead to all the many community events over the second half of the year. Jillian Stanton, Director of Admissions, will join us to talk with you about how you can be a part of bringing wonderful families to Westfield Friends School.



First Grade: Creating and thinking about snow people and other great art!

1st grade snow people 1st grade-2
1st grade-3 1st grade-4

Mapping Out - 2nd Grade creations!

2nd grade-1
2nd grade-2

PreK and K Quilt

PreK and Q quilt
More K art!
Bones1 Bones2