FCE Student Voices Project 2022

This year 150 students from schools across the US sent in essays in response to the prompt: "What has been your personal experience with climate activism and sustainability?"
Of the 150 essays, 12 were selected for publication. Westfield Friends School had two of its students' essays selected for publication. 
Congratulations to Heidi Jacobs, whose submission 'Generation on Fire', and to Imogene Urbano and Isaiah Bull, whose combined submission, 'The Unavioidable', have been published in the May 2022 issue of Friends Journal.  Honorees are recognized by the Friends Council on Education.
Several WFS 6th grade students shared their experiences in the Friends Journal Student Voices Project. The WFS students wrote about their personal experiences with regards to the 2021-2022 Theme: Climate Activism and Sustainability.
Quakers recognize a moral duty to preserve the earth for future generations. The students researched projected environmental issues should we be unable to curb climate change, possible solutions, and thought about their personal contributions to climate activism.