Class of 2022 Spotlight


AzraWhen did you start at Westfield Friends School?

What is your favorite memory at Westfield Friends School?
When Mrs.Parry let us act out Merchant of Venice

What advice would you give to the younger students at Westfield Friends School?
Always listen to your teachers and try to stay calm but if you think there is something unfair then stand up for yourself. 


What is your proudest academic or personal achievement over the last 2 years?

Where will you be attending high school?
Moorestown Friends

Teacher Quote
Dear Azra, you see and appreciate the blue notes of life, the often overlooked and underseen moments in a book, the things that need to be said in a class discussion to move it beyond the surface, the hard yet wonderful truth about a character who needs a little empathy and care. Your queries are thoughtful and your stewardship towards your fellow classmates is exemplary.