Class of 2022 Spotlight


BerraWhen did you start at Westfield Friends School?
I started in 2019, so 6th grade.

What is your favorite memory at Westfield Friends School?
My favorite memory is the camp field trip.

What advice would you give to the younger students at Westfield Friends School?
Make sure to focus on your grades, but also to have lots of fun!


What is your proudest academic or personal achievement over the last 2 years?
My latin project in 6th grade. I had worked on the Greek Goddess Artemis, also known as Diana. I had made Diana’s dress and her bow and arrows.

Where will you be attending high school?
Moorestown Friends School

Teacher Quote:
Dear Berra, your compassion for others and your deep, sustained engagement with reading make you a joy to be around and a well-rounded citizen of the world. You bring childlike curiosity and industriousness to every class. Your future is forever bright.