Class of 2022 Spotlight


GAURIWhen did you start at Westfield Friends School?
 I started at Westfield in third grade.

What is your favorite memory at Westfield Friends School?
My favorite memory is when I joined the kickball club.

What advice would you give to the younger students at Westfield Friends School?
To do your assignments ahead of time if possible, it'll save a lot of headache.

What is your proudest academic or personal achievement over the last 2 years?
Gaining confidence, knowing who I am, and what I value.

Where will you be attending high school?
I will be attending Moorestown Friends School.

Teacher Quote:

Dear Gauri,

You carry patience and kindness in everything you do and you approach learning with a childlike sense of wonder. You are willing to try new things, at least once. You notice the particularity of a word and the nuance in a situation like an emerging writer. Never lose that sense of being interested in all things, great and small. Your world awaits for you to share your precious gifts.