Class of 2022 Spotlight


WilliamWhen did you start at Westfield Friends School?
I started in 7th grade

What is your favorite memory at Westfield Friends School?
Attending the school dance with my friends and teachers.

What advice would you give to the younger students at Westfield Friends School?
Continue to work hard in class.

What is your proudest academic or personal achievement over the last 2 years
Receiving honor roll.

Where will you be attending high school?
Abington Friends School

Teacher Quote
Dear Will,

Your stage presence for the 8th Grade Play and the spark you bring to your school community generate laughter among your peers, young and old, big and small. I am certain your buddies, your classmates, and your teachers will conceivably miss the youthful and energetic commotion you leave behind. Your end of year presentation on Magic Johnson and the HIV virus went very well. I am proud of the young man you are and the man you are becoming.