Teacher Margaret's "View From My Window" - September 8

The View From My Window

we seek an earth restored 1 we seek an earth restored 2
we seek an earth restored 3

Last Friday, students in grades PreK-8 gathered in their Quaker Friday groups. Each group talked about why the wanted to work towards an Earth Restored. Each group created their own poster sharing their hopes and plans for the air they breath and water they depend on. Thank you to Teacher Molly Cope for organizing this first community event. The posters hang in the hall outside my office.


PreK already has stunning art in their room. They created the painting below after reading Sky Color by Peter Reynolds.

Sky Color


Last night the Auditorium and playground were filled with families enjoying our first social event of the 2022-2023 school year. P&G Council leadership, Kylene, Sandra, Gretchen, and Jessica, planned and hosted an amazing Parents and Guardians Council Ice Cream Social. I hope to see you at our upcoming events, The Golf Outing, the Palmyra Cove Clean Up, and the Fall Festival/Boo Bash.


We are looking ahead to our first field trips of the 2022-2023 school year. Middle School students head off to Camp Dark Waters soon and later 3rd through 5th grades will explore the water and wetlands around Pyne Point Park.


Back to School nights are next week. These are for parents and guardians only. Please leave your children at home. We ask that you wear a mask. These evenings will give you a first opportunity to see your children’s classrooms, meet other parents and guardians, and hear about your child’s first trimester of learning. For Main Building classrooms and grades, enter the school through the Main Entrance. Jillian Stanton will greet you at the door and help point you in the right direction. For Preschool Building families, park by the Preschool Building and go directly in the door your children enter each morning.


Parents and Guardians Council will have tables at the doors to take calendar orders and continue to collect dues. We will wrap up by 8:30pm at the latest. At my former school we called this Quaker Midnight! I am sorry that I will not be there to greet you and enjoy this return to in-person Back-to-School-Night. I will be meeting my grandson in-person for the first time since he was born two years ago.





What We Are Reading



Saturday by Oge Mora
Saturday by Oge Mora

6th-8th Grades

Song for a Whale by Lynne Kelly

Song for a Whale by Lynne Kelly

Second Grade

I Promise by Lebron James

I Promise by Lebron James