Drawing Attention to the Last 250 Living Sturgeon in the Delaware River

sturgeon drawing
Our students are constantly finding ways to demonstrate their dedication to the School's theme this year: We Seek an Earth Restored.
WFS middle schoolers are participating in an effort to draw attention to the plight of the endangered Atlantic Sturgeon. They are coloring in fish cut outs and creating a fish banner that will visually demonstrate the last 250 living sturgeon in the Delaware River.
baby sturgeonThere will be a peaceful rally on November 16th in Philadelphia. One of our middle school students, Heidi, has been asked to be a speaker at the event as a youth representative. She will be joined by other key environmental advocates. Various print, radio, and tv media outlets are expected to cover the event.

After the rally, the fish banner will be initially displayed at Westfield and then it will be exhibited at various local environmental centers - so the students' work will continue to share the Save the Sturgeon message well after the initial call to action rally.

To learn more about the rally, historical context, the sturgeon's plight and to sign a petition (parents/guardians only, please) visit their dedicated website Dino in the Delaware.  
The Delaware Riverkeeper Network is also featuring this effort on their website.
save the sturgeon 2
save the sturgeon3