BOOOth Bash was Brilliant

We had a great turnout for Saturday's BOOOth Bash. Part of the fun was voting on the best Booth/Table/Trunk. 
Visit our Photo Album to see how it all looked.
Hooty the Owl even made an appearance and loved it!

Drumroll are the results:

1. Haunted Pizzeria (6th) - First place, Pizza Party
haunted pizzeria

2. CANDYLAND (PK) - Second place - Snack Attack
candy land

3. Ghostbusters (1st) - Third place - Popsicles 
ghost busters
And the rest were just incredible. Such great efforts and creativity from everyone involved.
Hocus Pocus (PS2)  
Cookie Monster (PS3) 
Jurassic Park (K) 
The Floor is Lava (2nd) 
Mad Scientist (3rd)
Modern Art (4th)
Bat Cave (5th)
PAC-MAN (7th) 
Eagles (8th)
pg council table
Cookie Monster
jurrasic park
the floor is lava
mad scientist
bat cave
pac man