Teacher Margaret's "View from my Window" - November 17th

View from my windows

Dear Families, 

We have so much to be grateful for.


First, we are thankful for all of the adults who entrust the faculty and staff with their children. We love coming to school because we know we will spend our day learning alongside these amazing students.


Second, we are grateful for the many ways in which childrens’ natural generosity finds expression in their daily kindnesses and heartful actions to help protect the animals and plants they live alongside. We find joy in supporting their emerging activism.


Third, we are grateful to the Board of Trustees. The trustees actively honor their responsibilities for the school and those who work and learn within it.


Fourth, we are grateful to the wider Cinnaminson community which sees in Westfield a valued member of the town. We strive to be good neighbors.


Fifth, Westfield Meeting supports us with its care of this beautiful land and the Meeting House. In the Meeting House we anchor our week, share messages, and reflect on queries. One such query for this month is Do I live in thankful awareness of friends and other people in my life and do I express my gratitude to them?

Today I walked through school and these are just a few of the images of what I saw. All are reasons for joy and Thanksgiving.

3rd grade playing indoor soccer. The goal keeper made a solid save. 3rd grade soccer
K painting Kindergarten learning to paint with just three related colors. Teacher John asked each student to speak clearly about the watercolors they were to use.
Second grade decided what happened to Ichabod Crane. Each one has a different theory to defend. 2nd grade ichabod crane
1st grade turkey First Grade is working on 2 D and 3D patterns. Sometimes those patterns look like a turkey!
PreK making another masterpiece PreK masterpiece
4th and 5th grade music class 4th & 5th Grade Music - Working on rhythms, rounds, and upcoming performances
6th Grade Math. Students solved problems on their own and with hints from Teacher Josh. 6th grade math
7th grade science 7th grade is creating a presentation on stars.
Preschool 3 at lunch PS3 lunch

Have a wonderful vacation.

Thank you,



  • Giving Tuesday Class Challenge I will provide cake and ice cream for any grade in which 85% of the childrens’ households make a contribution to the Fund for Westfield on or before Giving Tuesday
    • To make your contribution before Giving Tuesday towards your class goal, simply make a note with your contribution on this online Giving Form or send a check to the school.
  • Tuesday 11/22 is a full day of school. We will have a special Meeting for Worship. We will sing songs of Thanksgiving and hear queries on gratitude shared by our 5th grade students.

What We Are Reading


Featured in our Library

Thank You, Sarah: The Woman Who Saved Thanksgiving
by Laurie Anderson
Thank you Sarah

Featured in our Library

We are Grateful  
by Traci Sorell
Featured in our Library We are Grateful  by Traci Sorell

What I Am Reading

Cloud Cuckoo Land
by Anthony Doerr
Cloud cuckoo

Featured in our Library

How Many Days to America?: A Thanksgiving Story
by Eve Bunting
How Many Days?

New in our Library

Finding My Dance

by Ria Thundercloud


Finding my dance

Just for Fun

I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie
by Alison Jackson
lady swallowed a pie