This week, 7th graders had the culmination of their two week Golf Course Project!
In this project, students were tasked with creating their own section of a golf course using the angles we have looked at in the past along with some we just recently learned about. Students used protractors and (a lot of) hot glue to bring their original ideas to life!
Today we got to set foot on the green, despite the weather. Total success!!!
angles golfcourse1
angles golfcourse2  angles golfcourse3
angles golfcourse4  angles golfcourse5
angles golfcourse6  angles golfcourse7
angles golfcourse8  angles golfcourse9
angles golfcourse10  angles golfcourse11
angles golfcourse12  angles golfcourse12
angles golfcourse13  angles golfcourse14