1st & 2nd Grade Zoo Visit

Related to some project-based learning and areas of study in our first and second grade classes, a field trip to the Philadelphia Zoo was planned for these students.
Our first graders have been learning about endangered species that are native to New Jersey, and they also learned about animals from the savanna biomes found in areas of Africa. It was great for our first graders to see the southern gray tree frog, bobcat, bog turtles, and peregrine falcons after learning about these endangered species. Of course, they had great fun spotting some of the "big five" from African savanna biomes.
Our second graders were able to find many of the animals they learned about while studying Australia, including red kangaroos, an echidna, and emus. Students were extremely excited to see the Humboldt penguin exhibit, as they had just recently completed their penguin projects. 
A special thank you goes out to our wonderful parent-volunteer chaperones who braved the (slightly less than last year) rainy weather to make this trip such a success for our students. 
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Second grade at zoo