Teacher Marina's "View From My Window" - October 25th

walking to library

PBL is short for Project Based Learning. PBL activities are driven by a question in which students actively search for the answer to that specific question. This allows students to develop 21st-century skills such as critical thinking, decision-making, and leadership capabilities in a classroom setting. 


Our Kindergarten class consists of many hometown residences, scattered across Burlington County, Camden County, and the neighboring state of Pennsylvania.

Students will work to answer the driving question through inquiry, collaboration, and interviews with community experts. Students will be creating a book with illustrations and facts of important places in Cinnaminson, New Jersey “Our Community” at Westfield Friends School. 

walking to library 2walking to library 3

in front of library

Kindergarten students will travel on many walking tours to places in “Our Community ''.  A few places include the Cinnaminson Library, Bagelati Bagel Shop, the Mayor’s office, Truist Bank, a dental office, and Wood Park. After each tour students will reflect with one another, answering our driving question.


in libraryStudents drew vibrant colorful illustrations of Westfield, our first stop in learning about  “Our Community”, some focused on the exterior features of the building, and others on the nature growing on our spacious campus. 


Kindergarten's first walking tour was to the Cinnaminson Library. We learned how the library contributes the gift of reading to “Our Community”. In small groups, we reflected on many fun and interesting newly acquired facts. Next, students made illustrations to include in our book. We also made cards of thanks and appreciation for the librarians “community experts” who welcomed us and answered our questions.

in library2

Kindergarten is excited to continue our inquiry, exploration, and investigation of “Our Community!”

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