Looking at Art Tradition is Thriving

The Art of Islam video

Our alumni often reminisce about the Monday morning all-school gatherings when they sat silently in an auditorium staring at slides (yes, the ones with the slide projector!) and learning about different artists and their mediums. They may not have been so enthusiastic about these gatherings at the time, but they now realize that those Looking at Art sessions sparked a love for the arts that has stayed with them. 
Today, Teacher Deborah consciously includes a diverse variety of artists mirroring the varied makeup of our student body. Her commitment to inclusivity is unwavering, as she continues to inspire the next generation.
Stay tuned for this bi-weekly Looking at Art Latest News feature to learn alongside our students and broaden your own appreciation for art.
As we celebrate Islamic Heritage Month, in today's Looking at Art, Deborah Moss Marris presented the video 
The Art of Islam at the Met and the Louvre: Foreign and Familiar
T. Deborah said  "I thought I knew a little about Islamic Art, however in researching this subject during the past two weeks, I have been stunned and delighted to learn more. and to begin to understand the breadth and scope of this work. To see how Western Art through the ages has been influenced and informed by the art of Islam was a revelation. The interconnection that links cultures together is perhaps the most important aspect of what museums and art can achieve."