View From My Window with Teacher Deborah

Our students were recently introduced to the sculptors, photographers, and conceptual artists Christo and Jeanne Claude. Both were immigrants, Christo was born in Bulgaria and Jeanne Claude in Morocco, on the same day to the hour.  

During their collaboration, of more than thirty-five years, these two artists created important site-specific and large-scale environmental art which altered the existing landscape and built environment. Together they imagined monumentally scaled sculptures that involved wrapping and draping existing landscapes and buildings. 

Their projects often lasted only a few weeks or days. The idea of time and impermanence was a constant theme.  Christo and Jeanne Claude worked outside of the art world gallery system. They funded their large projects entirely by selling the preliminary drawings of their ideas.   

These were ideas for our young artists to think about.  Several middle school students arrived in the studio and asked if they could wrap the supporting columns. Other students wrapped glue bottles, the studio elephant, and stools. All students coming through wanted to touch the wrapped sculptures.  Many made drawings from observing them.

Here are a few examples.

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art1 art2 art3

art4 art6