Kindergarten Visits the Cinnaminson Police Station

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Mrs. Olsen and assistant Teacher Isabella's Kindergarten class walked across the bridge to the police station on Thursday!
They saw the interrogation room, we also saw all the detective's offices and learned about how they use cell phones for evidence.
They saw the processing room and learned how they take people's fingerprints.
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They saw the holding cells and the paperwork rooms to file all the processing papers. They saw the evidence room and learned about how sometimes they take blood from the "bad guys" and store them in a fridge to send to the labs.
They saw the break room where the officers eat their lunch.
The basement stores all the case files dating back to the 1950s.
They saw their workout area where the officers work to stay strong and fit.
They saw all the technology and servers that protect the photo and video evidence and the computers in the station.
They got to see the locker rooms where the officers change and get ready.
In the basement, we saw where they do taser practice and aiming practice. They have scenarios where they can practice apprehending a suspect, kind of like playing their own game of cops and robbers!
They ended with the debriefing room where Lt. Wagner answered all the class questions!