View From My Window with Teacher Danielle

PS3 photo

Our Preschool 3 friends were able to move into their new permanent home, Rushmore House, when they returned from winter break on January 2nd, 2024. Our students and staff have been patiently waiting to move into their new space since the beginning of the school year. The class was overjoyed when they heard they could make the move and quickly found out that everything was worth the wait. The new classroom is so spacious. We are basking in the beauty of our new home.


The new classroom is set in a way that promotes and encourages responsibility and independence in our young friends. We have a new beautiful coat room that has hooks and shelving at the students' height.

They can hang their own coats, backpacks, etc. at ease without the assistance of a teacher. Our beautiful bathrooms have toilets, sinks, soap, and paper towels that are made for a toddler’s easy access. It has given the students a sense of pride that they can do these tasks on their own.


room pic

The great thing about the new classroom is that our current class is the first class using this space ever! It is a weird concept for the students to understand but it seems they understand that their stuff is new and shiny, like a brand new toy. With that newness comes walls that need decorating and the sense of making the classroom our own. But that is what is great about this opportunity. Our friends can make this space reflect who they are and what is important to them. With decorations, artwork, and toys that the students picked and love, we can see themes and topics that our students are interested in. With that type of information, we give our students the power to choose what topics they want to learn about. This student-driven learning is what makes learning fun, playful, and magical for our three-year-olds.


The new space allows us to fully utilize student-centered methods of teaching and learning. Watch for the evolution of our new STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) room. Our students will have an area where they can have a hands-on learning experience that feels just like play. 


As an added bonus, we have a kitchen with a functioning stove and oven! Ideas of creating and baking are starting to float in the minds of our preschoolers. This sensory play and use of mathematics to create delectable creations that can be shared with friends and community is a yummy treat we look forward to.


With the lovely landscape we have around the Rushmore house, this spring we hope to try our hands at making a small class garden. The class will be able to create the nature that they absolutely love to observe, touch, and explore already at school. Their appreciation for nature will grow throughout the rest of this school year.