2nd and 3rd Grade presented their Mapmakers project to parents and visitors

pbl 2nd and 3rd grades
Parents, guardians, and other visitors gathered at Westfield in the auditorium for a presentation on mapmaking by the 2nd and 3rd grade students.  It was the culmination of their work on project-based learning about map making which they spent many hours working on together in the 2nd grade classroom.
They described what a PBL project is, the steps taken to create their projects, their individual inspirations for their own worlds, and one thing they would change about their projects if they were to do them again.
Everyone got a chance to then tour the projects and ask questions to the presenters.
Here are the Why's
Learn to make updated maps of the school for newcomers.
Learn to make fictional maps of their own worlds using mapmaking skills.
Write an information essay about their experiences mapmaking.