They'll be moving on soon...


mekhi g

We are excited to highlight our upcoming graduates in the following weeks as they share their reflections on their experience at Westfield. 

In his two years at Westfield, Mekhi recognizes the impact that Westfield has had on him. “The friends I’ve made and every memory has taught me something that will stick with and help me throughout my high school years and throughout my life.” 

Along with establishing friendships and memories, Mekhi has learned a great deal academically during his time at Westfield. “My first year here was a new leaf for my learning journey.” He has also discovered the importance of standing by one’s morals. “One thing I learned from being at Westfield is to speak up for what you believe [. . .] to never give up on something you care about.”

Mekhi is appreciative of his time at Westfield. “These have been the most influential two years of my life!”