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zahra m

Zahra is thankful for all that Westfield has given to her. “The experiences, friendships, knowledge, guidance, and memories I have gained at Westfield Friends School are indefinable.” She deems her years at Westfield “some of the most valuable and unforgettable years of my life.” 


One of Zahra’s favorite memories during her time at Westfield was her 6th-grade production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. “It's always been the first thing that pops to mind when describing my first year at Westfield. I remember everything from that play, from the magical costumes and euphonious music we sang to the funny-sounding Shakespearean lines we spoke.” Another favorite memory of Zahra’s was her 7th-grade Virginia trip. “These are just some of my most precious and joyful moments at Westfield.” 


zahra and sara

Zahra is appreciative of Westfield and all that it has taught her. “I still have much more to learn, experience, and do in my final year at Westfield. No matter what the rest of the year holds, I know I will be well prepared for the next step next year as a freshman in high school.”




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