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ricky schoolhouse rock live jr

In his ten years at Westfield, Ricky is grateful for the positive impact that Westfield has made on his life. “From the friends I made to the teachers who helped me throughout my Westfield experience, this has been a special experience. I am one of the few students that has stayed since pre-k. I know for a fact, for years to come I'll remember this as a good experience.” 


Ricky has several Westfield memories and traditions that he holds close to his heart. “In 6th grade, our class put on “Midsummer Night's Dream” by Shakespeare. I will always remember that. [. . .] For Halloween, we have a Halloween guessing game, which has been a highlight of my school years. This year we are putting on “Schoolhouse Rock!” with Ms. Fielding. Doing plays with Mrs. Parry and Ms. Fielding has been one of the biggest highlights in my middle school experience.” 


Ricky thanks Westfield and its community for making him the person he is today. “Westfield made me a better person. It taught me perseverance, responsibility, and time management. The staff is also wonderful. Mr. Wayne, Ms. Theresa, and Mr. Don have always been a delight to encounter in the hallways. After I see them I always leave with a smile. Westfield will always stay with me, no matter where I go.”


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